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Key Sales Themes

Cover that’s clear, wide ranging and cutting-edge

Clear Wording

Our policy wording is straightforward and clear, so both you and your clients have the clarity you need to remove uncertainty around claims.

Wide Ranging Cover

Lifeline Plus is designed to be at the cutting edge of the Group Personal Accident and Business Travel market. It naturally provides all the standard cover you would expect with numerous innovations that anticipate the risks your clients may encounter. 

Flexible Operative Times

Our policies provide businesses with the ability to insure their employees when they need to, allowing our premiums to match a client’s financial requirements.

Corporate Reputation

Negative reporting around a crisis can damage a company’s brand and has the potential to effect revenue and share prices. Our Crisis Containment Management cover includes independent Crisis Consultants that can help limit damaging media reports.

AIG Travel, a member of AIG, is a worldwide travel assistance company. With a wide array of travel, medical, security and concierge services, AIG Travel helps millions of travellers solve problems and manage risks worldwide.

Worldwide Assistance Centres

Seven state-of-the-art assistance centres deliver global service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Single Point of Contact

Our 24 hour telephone hotline offers direct access to experienced representatives that can help with everything from lost bags and missed flights to serious medical emergencies and security incidents. 

Major Crises

AIG Travel has broad experience responding to political and security incidents as well as natural disasters worldwide. Through extensive global capabilities, AIG Travel can react quickly to a wide range of crises, offering the support our clients need and evacuating employees swiftly. 

Security Services

Our security team has the global reach and expertise to provide a comprehensive security solution, offering vital support, guidance and advice to companies and their employees.

Our mobile app and website-accessed services make it easy to demonstrate to clients how Lifeline Plus brings a comprehensive range of support services to life for travellers when they need them most.

Assistance Website offers a full array of travel and security services available to clients and their employees from anywhere in the world, including:

  • Security Awareness Training, Country Reports/City Guides, Global News Watch emails and Security Travel Alerts
  • Medical Translations and Drug Brand Equivalency Tools
  • A Health Portal and Medical Second Opinion service

Business Travel Assistance App

An intelligent alternative to assistance cards which allows for easy distribution to employees by email or intranet. A quick-call HELP button provides instant access to medical, travel or security assistance.

Concierge Service

Travellers receive the comfort of 24/7 concierge and personal assistance services that can offer restaurant referrals and reservations, transportation coordination and event ticketing, amongst other services. 

Travel Assistance

Flight delays, inclement weather, lost and stolen luggage and other travel hassles are an unfortunate reality. We help keep employees on the move by offering comprehensive travel assistance services.

Medical Monitoring Services

From physician referrals to coordinating medical evacuations, we help our travellers address their medical needs with expediency and expert care.

AIG operates in more than 100 countries across the globe. We have the capability and expertise to support almost all UK businesses with overseas operations to develop comprehensive and efficient multinational programmes.

Flexible and Transparent

Standardised coverage and consistent treatment are often difficult to achieve. Our flexible multinational programmes can be structured to offer the levels of control and consistency required to match the unique preferences of your client.


Informed Solutions

We not only consider regulatory realties, but coverage requirements, claims and proof of insurance needs. The result: a comprehensive holistic approach that delivers the best programme for your client.

Multinational Design Tool

You and your clients have unrestricted access to our interactive web-based application which makes it easy to explore the varied issues impacting local or global insurance policies in more than 225 countries worldwide.

Employers have a moral and ethical obligation to do everything reasonable to prevent physical and psychological harm to their employees. Companies also must be able to clearly demonstrate that they have taken practicable steps to meet their employees’ health, safety, security and wellbeing needs.

Duty of Care

Lifeline Plus can help company’s meet their duty of care obligations through services like:

Security Awareness

Training and in-depth Country Reports.


Offering Medical Second Opinions as well as a Nurse Connect service, Health Information hub and a Cancer Assist resource

Getting Back to Work

After care is also required for major accidents where newly disabled employees may need varying levels of support, including remodelling homes, adapting cars and workplaces or possibly retraining. Our rehabilitation case managers support your clients through this process.