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Claims Scenarios

Our liability claims teams’ proactivity and relentless customer focus delivers an outstanding claims service. Here are a few examples based on actual events (with any identifying details changed).

High-pressure work related action

A multi-million pound employer’s liability claim from a high salaried employee alleged that the employer’s excessive hours triggered chronic fatigue syndrome curtailing his career with the company.  Our claims team worked proactively to review thousands of the claimant’s emails, revealing other external contributory factors and a history of short tenures with previous employers that enabled us to negotiate a much reduced package for the employee’s personal injury and termination of employment contract with the policyholder.

Work related sporting liability

A senior company employee suffers catastrophic spinal injuries from an accident during a company sponsored bike race.  Recognising the dreadful personal tragedy and the impact on our client’s organisation where the injured employee was very highly regarded, our claims team worked very quickly to ensure that a seven figure contribution towards a larger settlement pot was paid within months of the claim being made.

Rapid post-accident payments

Our liability client’s employee suffered severe hand injury on a machine at work. AIG moved quickly and made an immediate payment to the company of £10,000 (regardless of liability) under the Employment Related Accident Benefit section of their Public Liability policy. The client used the money towards the costs of Health and Safety improvements which was a strong factor in the company’s mitigation to the HSE when they were considering fining and prosecuting the company.

HSE and criminal investigation

Our policyholder managed hospitals’ water systems and was investigated by the HSE, with no with apparent right of reply, for allowing faulty chemical levels into the water with potentially fatal consequences. Our claims team proactively arranged legal representation, approached the coroner to give our insured full access to all evidence and demonstrated that our client’s management did not contribute to the faulty chemical levels. All investigations and potential civil actions against the company were dropped.

Overseas public liability

A fire in our multinational client’s overseas storage plant in Spain, spread to neighbouring properties, and our client faced damages claims in the Spanish courts. A cross border partnership between AIG claims handlers in two countries argued that our client had not been negligent and that fault lay with the manufacturer of defective equipment that had caused the fire. The judge agreed that there was no culpability on our insured’s part.

Food manufacturer product recall

The discovery of toxin lectin in red kidney beans required the withdrawal of frozen bean burgers. Our client arranged for advertising in ten national papers as well as notifying the Food Standards Agency (“FSA”) who issued their own food alert. AIG paid the full limit to the insured for their claim which included scrapped stock, press & advertising cost, external lab work and storage and removal costs.

Crisis containment

A contractor working on a client’s building fell through the roof and unfortunately passed away. As a result of this terrible accident our policyholder received a number of media inquiries which had the potential to damage their relationship with the local community and their organisation’s reputation. AIG arranged for experienced PR consultants to help manage the incident and assist with crisis communications.