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Key Sales Themes

Easy to tailor coverage, policy periods, policy limits and attachment points to clients’ requirements.

Flexible cover

Flexibility is at the heart of Excess Elite, it can cover any combination of excess public and – products liability, excess employers’ liability and excess third party property motor liability. But flexibility doesn’t compromise simplicity – all covers are issued under one policy wording to reduce administration and possible gaps in cover.

Flexible policy structure

Policy periods can be selected to suit your clients’ individual needs from short term periods of 1 day for individual contracts. Policy limits can be selected from £1m up to £70m and attachment points can be adjusted to the clients’ requirements. With premiums from £375, Excess Elite can be affordable for companies of all sizes.

Rapid quotations, usually just a couple of minutes – over the phone or online.

Phone or online

Excess Elite is very fast and very easy to get a quotation. Usually it takes just a couple of minutes over the phone or online with our quick quote system.

Rapid process

To speed the process up we’ve even kept our question set to a minimum and to improve the speed even more we don’t need to see the underlying primary wording before confirming cover.

Quotation options

Another benefit of Excess Elite is because it’s so quick it makes it very easy for brokers to prepare optional quotations with different limits for their clients.

Huge underwriting capacity and technical underwriting expertise throughout the UK.

£70m capacity

The Excess Elite capacity of £70 million is among one of the highest in the market and is a major product strength because it removes the need for co-insurance or multiple layer excess policies.

Underwriting network

We have a great network of liability underwriters throughout the UK in our regional offices. They’re renowned for their expertise and underwriting authorities. Great for brokers who wish to discuss complex risks.

Including medical and vocational rehabilitation and crisis communication cover.


Our award winning rehabilitation services for people injured at work, and for third parties injured by our insureds negligence, makes sure the victims of injuries get the right medical treatment and support.

Reputation protection

Excess Elite includes crisis communications because it takes great skill handling a sudden crisis. Like losing a major contract, a product recall, or a man-made disaster at the business.

Crisis communications

Our Crisis Communications provides professional PR consultancy, advice and coaching. Whether it’s reassuring staff, updating customers or face to face with the media, we want to help our policyholders communicate clearly, quickly and professionally. 

Every excess insurance product we sell is underpinned by the expertise of our award winning Casualty claims team

Dedicated point of contact

We place our customers at the very heart of what we do. Where scale permits we ensure each customer has a dedicated point of contact who will oversee the day to day management of their claims.

Accident investigation workshops

We give our customers access to complimentary accident investigation workshops. Our expert field investigation team provide training on risk mitigation, what to do after an accident and how to prevent a re-occurrence.

Continuing innovation

We continually look for innovation to improve our customer claims service. We were one of the first insurers to embrace iPad technology in the claims investigation process which allowed us to reduce the claims investigation time by up to 50%.