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Cover at a Glance

A high level summary only, see the policy wording for details



  • Excess Employers’ Liability
  • Excess Public Liability
  • Excess Products Liability
  • Excess Commercial Motor (third party property damage)


Indemnity Limit

  • Limits available up to £70m
  • Separate limits apply to each section
  • Employers Liability can attach above £5 million
  • Public and Products Liability attaches above £1 million
  • Commercial Motor Third Party Property Damage attaches above £5 million


Cover Extensions - Crisis Containment Management

  • Professional communications expertise (e.g. internal communications to staff and external communications with media) is provided in the event of an incident that could trigger indemnity from our excess layers.
  • Delivered by an approved Crisis Communications Company it provides services up to the value of £100,000.
  • Crisis Containment can be invoked by a key executive* of the client following any event which it is believed could result in a damages claim exceeding the limits of the underlying insurance or Self Insured Retention, and which is accepted by the Crisis Management Firm.

Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation

Excess Elite includes medical and vocational rehabilitation services for the victims of serious personal injury. Services may include private treatment where NHS delays are detrimental, complementary treatments, trauma counselling and vocational consultancy.