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Claims Scenarios

These scenarios are based on actual claims to show the potential scope of excess liability claims.

Product Liability

The insured supplied petroleum to a variety of wholesalers, which contained a contaminant.

When motorists filled their vehicles with the contaminated petrol, it affected the vehicles’ management systems, causing them to stall. Whilst the vehicles could be easily and cheaply repaired, the sheer number of claimants meant that the claim was settled for over £10m.

Premises Liability

The Insured is a property owner who let out commercial premises to third parties long term leases.

During an inspection of one of the Insured’s warehouses, an engineer of the Insured noticed a leak in the sprinkler system and closed it down. That evening, a fire occurred causing significant damage to the lessee’s property causing over £20million in damage.

Contracting Liability

The Insured were lead contractors on a major metro system.

The tunnelling phase caused structural damage to buildings causing collapse and many of its contents to fall into the cement pumped into the tunnel to aid the support. The repair of the area and reclamation of the archive material is estimated at billions of pounds.