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Winning Environmental with AIG

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EnviroPro is designed for a wide range of business sectors that we can underwrite from local SMEs to multinationals including:


From heavy industry and chemical companies to food and beverage processors.   Environmental exposures including air emissions, land contamination from chemicals and solvents, waste disposal risks.

Power and utility companies

With environmental exposures including toxic air pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, overland transportation of fuels, waste disposal and environmental impacts of mining fuels for power generation.

Retailers, wholesalers, bulk storage and warehouses

Including environmental exposures from the previous industrial use of sites, bulk storage of chemicals and paints etc, renovations to store buildings, waste disposal, generators and storage tanks.

Haulage firms and logistics companies

Environmental exposures can accrue from the maintenance and repair of vehicles, and run-off, spillages and disposal of engine oils, anti-freeze, and paints etc; the storage of fuel, and the transportation of hazardous materials.

Construction projects

Construction causes more water pollution than any other sector, as well as soil pollution, air pollution, dust, emissions as well as the risk of construction activities disturbing and dispersing existing pollution on brownfield sites.

Property owners and developers

Including environmental exposures from multi-tenured sites, potential difficulties identifying individual polluters so responsibility for cleaning-up falls on owners, who may also have responsibility for maintaining drains, highways, landscaping etc.