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Claims Scenarios

Here are a number of claims scenarios to illustrate how EnviroPro could respond to a variety of businesses’ needs and environmental exposures.

Lasting Damage

A pipeline ruptures in a protected area leaking oil into a nature reserve.  Authorities force the business to clean up the oil and compensate the environment for the damage caused to the natural habitats and species. This entails complex, long term planning obligations for the business that could last many years.


In this scenario EnviroPro is designed to cover clean-up costs, as well as the planning and liaison with environmental authorities no matter how long it takes.

Contamination revealed

A gradual leak from an underground fuel storage tank is discovered during a site inspection. The business was required by the regulator to carry out on-site clean-up and remediation. Heating oil release from a wastewater treatment station damaged the facility and rendered it unable to treat the wastewater. The business’s operations were interrupted until the plant was cleaned and filters were replaced.


In this scenario EnviroPro is designed to cover clean-up costs, liaison with the regulator and extra expense and 1st party business interruption costs to carry out wastewater treatment at another facility.

Mitigate the loss

A large tank containing oil fails on site. The site staff activate their emergency plan, placing booms in local rivers and bringing in a tanker to pump the remaining oil from the tank.


In this scenario EnviroPro will pay back to the insured the costs incurred to proactively mitigate an urgent situation where an imminent threat to the environment exists and they did not have time to contact the insurer.

Too close to contamination

A business in close proximity to discovered contamination is suspected of being the cause. The environmental regulator requested the suspected company to take action to mitigate and remediate the pollution. It was later proved that the suspected company was not the actual polluter.  


In this scenario EnviroPro is designed to support the client in investigating the source of pollution, liaising with the regulator to prove innocence and then recovering any costs from the actual polluter.

The finger of suspicion

After a fire at a metal recycling facility, investigations of pollutant levels revealed that the water runoff from the fire and fire suppression materials had affected the wastewater treatment plant at the Insured’s facility.


In this scenario EnviroPro is designed to support the management and clean-up of a site after the fire.  Note that pollution resulting from a fire is the responsibility of the site of the fire and not the fire authorities.