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Target Market

The potential market for CyberEdge is large because any company that relies on technology and stores, manipulates, or transmits data is at risk of a cyber event.


Manufacturing and production facilities require integrated, reliable operations systems to ensure their production is timely and effective.


Retailers hold a wealth of client information including credit and debit card numbers. Clients who typically use the same password and save login details across several accounts are also placed at greater risk for fraud.


Possible vulnerabilities in industrial control systems and ever greater intersections between operational technology and information technology suggest a significantly heightened exposure.


The rise of electronic health records, other digital health platforms, and connected devices have made healthcare more vulnerable to security breaches.


Financial institutions have long been high on the radar of hackers given the sensitive data at stake. Malware, non-approved devices, and third-party business applications all pose unique challenges to banks and other financial companies.

Higher Education

Institutions of higher education are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats due to their open environments, student and faculty information stored, and breadth of services provided.

Large Business

Many large businesses believe their IT department is effectively managing the risk from cyber threats. This is similar to doctors not carrying malpractice insurance because they have years of medical experience and expertise.

Small and Mid-sized Business

Mid-sized companies may house large amounts of valuable data – and are more likely to be using legacy systems – but lack the data security budgets of their big business peers.