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Target Market

The target market for Crisis Solution is extensive. It is suitable for organisations of all sizes where their employees are exposed to some degree of ‘people risk’, as well as private clients.

Broad Appetite

With high capacity limits and a broad risk appetite, we are willing to look at any risk that could benefit from our Crisis Solution insurance.


High-risk regions for kidnap and ransom include parts of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, but extortion often occurs in first world countries, and security related incidents can occur anywhere. Crisis Solution is a global umbrella policy without unnecessary destination restrictions.




AIG is prepared to underwrite all industry types, large or small. This includes:

  • Aviation

Oil and gas

Energy and mining

Construction and engineering




We will also consider charities, NGOs and other similar organisations.

Private Clients

Wealthy individuals make attractive extortion and kidnap targets. Crisis Solution can help protect ultra-high/mid net worth individuals and their families across the globe. The AIG form can also be extended to include guests in the home of the insured.