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Key Sales Themes

Risks can occur no matter where in the world you are.

Travel Exposures

Any business whose employees travel overseas on behalf of the company could benefit from AIG’s Crisis Solution insurance.

Local Operations

In many parts of the world the greatest threat is to local nationals. Organisations have a duty of care to all employees, not just to business travellers and expatriates.

Industry Risk

Visibility and perception of brand or perception of brand can make companies more vulnerable to extortion as they may be targeted on economic or moral grounds.

Obvious Targets

It’s not only extremely wealthy individuals who are at risk. Depending on the location, the threat of kidnap can still be present as wealth is often a relative concept.

Expanding Operations

Crisis Solution is an umbrella policy that for corporate clients can be structured for corporate clients to include all employees and their families. As a business expands so does the cover.

Companies have a duty of care to all their employees. Crisis Solution can help companies meet this obligation.

All Employees

It’s not just expatriates that companies are obliged to protect. Organisations, especially multinationals, have a strong moral and legal obligation for employees across their global operations, including business travellers, local nationals, subcontractors and even their families.

Credible and Documented

Organisations need to demonstrate they have taken all practicable steps to meet their employees’ health, safety, security and wellbeing needs.


Employers are required to make suitable and sufficient risk assessments for employees who travel on business, particularly when asking them to travel overseas.

There are many forms of extortion, which are broad ranging in their nature and complexity.

Kidnap for Ransom

The most recognised form of extortion, prevalent in areas with a high disparity of wealth, active criminal and terrorist groups, under- resourced or inefficient law enforcement and high levels of corruption.

Express Kidnap

Often starts with a small street crime, and develops into an opportunistic demand for more cash from the victim or their family, friends or employer. Express kidnaps are generally short and, in some parts of the world, have become an every-day occurrence.

Other Risks

Maritime piracy, the illegal detention or imprisonment of individuals, hostage scenarios, malicious or criminal threats made against people and organisations, and the risk to personal security due to political instability or a natural disaster event.

Complimentary tailored prevention services in addition to the market standard Risk Mitigation Allowance.


Access to our preferred third-party crisis consultancy, NYA International, whose insight will help an organisation develop their own approach to ‘people risk’ and its implementation - helping clients meet their duty of care obligation.


Not simply limited to kidnap and ransom scenarios, prevention services cover a wide-range of people risks, from boardroom level support and crisis planning to personal security information for business travellers and local nationals.


Pro-active intelligence and training seminars are regularly delivered online or face to face. Through our Global Watch website, clients also have complimentary access to travel information, country guides, city reports and daily alerts.

AIG’s preferred third-party response consultancy – NYA International – retains the largest crisis response team in the industry and has over 25 years’ experience of advising during crisis incidents across the globe.


NYA’s response consultants are strategically positioned across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. This allows for a rapid response to incidents worldwide and provides regional and cultural understanding.


Following a rigorous selection process, consultants complete a unique and demanding training programme designed to ensure clients have access to the highest quality individuals when they need them most.


NYA is the only response team of its kind to deploy up to four consultants: two each to a company’s headquarters and the incident location. This provides maximum levels of support and continuity during what can often be a protracted crisis management process.


Medical and travel assistance is provided by AIG’s own assistance company, AIG Travel. Through seven assistance centres worldwide, AIG Travel also delivers swift corporate evacuation capabilities for political crisis and natural disasters across the globe.

With over 45 years’ K&R experience, our dedicated global underwriting team has the deep industry knowledge to recognise the threats our clients face.


Our flexible umbrella wording doesn’t include unnecessary restrictions limiting the destinations covered. We offer consistent, compliant cover, worldwide.

Customer Centric Claims

AIG’s seasoned claims specialists work in conjunction with world leading law firms to deliver sensitive client support and timely loss reimbursements in complex environments across the globe.


We can offer a single insurer solution across multiple business lines, enabling our clients to benefit from cost savings, coordinated cover and a seamless claims experience.