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CorporateGuard D&O Video Summary

CorporateGuard D&O delivers elite level management liability protection for the directors and officers of large and mid-sized companies. Here are six reasons to recommend it to your clients: 

1. Directors’ need for world class D&O cover has never been greater. Actions against Directors for “wrongful acts” can have a devastating personal impact involving huge sums, intense questioning, many months of uncertainty, lasting career damage, unlimited financial liability, even loss of liberty. But having said that, AIG is a very experienced D&O carrier. We’ve handled pretty much every kind of D&O claim a Director could face, we know the right steps to take and provide solid guidance for your clients – whatever the scenario, wherever in the world they might be. 

2. European D&O claims are increasing as regulators and politicians are more determined than ever to see businesses operate by the rules: more investigations, enquiries, commissions and measures like company whistleblowing to ensure marketplace fairness. CorporateGuard covers regulatory measures, internal investigations, informal enquiries and expert coaching to prepare and protect directors as thoroughly as possible in this brittle environment. 

3. D&O claims are also getting much more personal as regulators try and make examples of specific directors and officers. CorporateGuard maximises protection against these intensifying exposures: from specific cover for individuals targeted for investigation, to personal asset and liberty expenses to lifetime protection after they’ve retired. 

4. Increasing shareholder activism can orchestrate high profile and acrimonious arguments often fuelled by social media. CorporateGuard anticipates this trend including public relation services and pre-emptive risk mitigation to head off potential issues and protect the reputation of the directors coming under stakeholder scrutiny. 

5. As businesses look to emerging markets for growth, their directors and officers face a diversity of legal environments. With AIG they get the best possible D&O cover available from our worldwide network in any single country. And with AIG D&O claims handlers in more offices worldwide, no-one is better placed to guide your clients through their complex and often unpredictable international exposures. 

6. In a challenging economic environment the behaviour of directors running up to any business insolvency is carefully examined, and CorporateGuard has specific provisions to help protect directors - such as cover for insolvency hearings, personal tax liability cover and cover for US bankruptcy litigation. 

CorporateGuard D&O is for large and mid-sized businesses in all industrial sectors and it’s got strong relationship benefits for brokers too. D&O claims are very stressful for directors and officers, AIG’s skill in handling them can inspire great client loyalty to the broker whilst our knowledge of claims trends is freely available to help our brokers to assist their clients to formulate their own risk management strategies. To learn more about selling CorporateGuard to your clients have a look through this app and thanks for listening.

CorporateGuard D&O Sales Themes


As D&O claims throughout Europe continue to increase, the need for world-class AIG D&O strength has never been greater. 

European D&O claims are increasing in number and magnitude (driven by regulator activity, political scrutiny of businesses, recessionary claims and shareholder activism). Our in-house D&O teams handle thousands of claims a year, and we’ve dealt with all types of D&O claims before. We also provide a fresh limit for every unrelated claim, so no matter how many claims they have, our clients can depend on expert, experienced guidance as well as full limit protection. 

Directors can’t always rely on their companies to defend them. Companies may be financially compromised (e.g. approaching bankruptcy), they may distance themselves from directors accused of wrongful acts or it might be the company accusing the director of wrong doing. With AIG’s D&O policy behind them directors don’t have to worry about the costs of defending themselves. We are there to look after them – even if their company refuses to. 

Just because directors are innocent doesn’t mean they don’t have to defend themselves. We protect our D&O clients against actual or alleged acts and have many examples of completely unfounded and even malicious actions against our insureds which can be very expensive to defend as well as time consuming and stressful for the individuals involved. 

The personal impact of an action and the financial amounts involved can be shocking as claims can run for years. We offer industry leading D&O limits up to £25 million, and as a preeminent D&O carrier with 40 years’ experience and more D&O claims handlers in more offices worldwide than anyone else; we know the best steps to guide your clients along no matter what the scenario or wherever in the world they may be. 

Finally, CorporateGuard provides clients with non-rescindable protection. This means that as long as directors have not been deliberately fraudulent in the information they have provided to us, we cannot withdraw cover because of misrepresentations or nondisclosures they might have made in the application for D&O insurance. 


CorporateGuard D&O includes specific coverage to maximise directors’ protection against increasingly acute personal exposures. 

We see more regulatory determination to hold individual directors to account for corporate misconduct and an increasing European trend to “zero in” on individual directors for monetary