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Cover at a Glance

A high level summary only, see the policy wording for details

CorporateGuard D&O

  • Defence costs, damages, and settlements for “wrongful acts”
  • "Any One Claim” limit
  • Pre-Claim Inquiry and individual target investigation
  • Personal expenses in Asset & Liberty proceedings
  • Enhanced definition of “Official Body” (e.g. including parliamentary commissions)
  • Individual coverage for unpaid corporate taxes generating individual liability.
  • Insolvency Hearing cover
  • US bankruptcy carve backs
  • Derivative investigation hearing costs
  • Mitigation costs and prosecution costs to prevent civil liability actions
  • Global Dutch Class action settlement advisory
  • Severability of exclusions (except PPL)
  • Enhanced Bodily Injury and Property damage coverage for directors
  • Pre-investigation cover for retaining legal advisors to represent an Insured Person in connection with a Regulatory Crisis Event (sub-limited)
  • Legal fees and expenses up to the full policy limit for attendance at any investigation into the affairs of the company or an individual insured
  • Employment Practices Liability cover (including emotional distress) for individuals
  • Special £1million limit per non-executive director
  • Emergency pre-approved defence costs
  • Automatic cover for new non-US subsidiaries and entities valued within 25% of total group assets and are not Investment Vehicles
  • Lifetime run off for retired directors if the policy is not renewed or replaced