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Protecting Property

CRS includes a range of risk engineering, analytics and loss control solutions to protect business’ physical infrastructures.

AIG’s 700 worldwide property risk engineers and liability risk consultants partner with our clients and brokers to understand their needs, improve their risk controls, lower their cost of risk and maximize their business continuity.


State-of-the-art business solutions

Our state-of-the-art business solutions are based on the latest industry and technical standards, whether clients need to understand how wearable technology can reduce strains and sprains, conduct hazard assessments for a chemical plant, develop best practices for a hospital, or assess emerging liability in a cloud connected world.

Property risk engineering

Our property risk engineers assess clients’ exposures, risk controls, and potential interruption threats and offer solutions to reduce loss. Our dedicated skilled team partners with our clients for a deep understanding of the clients’ needs, ensuring the advice we give is set firmly in the context of the clients’ business framework.

ENGage – client portal

To help clients manage their global property loss prevention strategies, our proprietary ENGage system allows clients to align reports and analyses to their own organizational structures, review loss estimates and risk ratings for individual locations. Clients are also able to benchmark their locations against industry peers, perform “what-if” analyses on potential risk improvements and access hazard visualizations of storm, flood and earthquake exposures.

Dedicated industry specialists

From power plants to hotels, our risk engineers and risk consultants, many originating from the same industries as their clients, deliver expert, sector-specific solutions. Clients have a dedicated property risk engineer or liability risk consultant as a single global contact working closely with the client’s risk management team, coordinating AIG’s technical specialists and ensuring that clients have access to the right local technical resource.

Natural catastrophes

Our skilled Natural Catastrophe (Nat Cat) risk control team of specialists (including AIG Windstorm Risk Services, AIG Flood Risk Services and AIG Earthquake Risk Services) focuses on managing and mitigating catastrophe losses throughout our clients’ businesses. Physical surveys, detailed evaluations of Nat Cat exposures, assessment of loss expectancies and comprehensive response planning maximize our clients’ preparedness to help minimize losses associated with property damage, business interruption, loss of market share, employee injuries, threat to shareholder equity and litigation costs.

Knowledge sharing

We have partnered with the scientific and academic community to build knowledge around identifying and minimizing losses and we share our new perspectives with clients, often educating on relevant loss mitigation techniques based on decades of claims experience and data driven insights.

Success Story:
Risk engineered flood risk

A major university became aware of a large flood exposure and needed increased flood insurance limits to cover it.  Our underwriting and risk engineering teams worked closely with the client to develop a plan under which flood insurance limits would be incrementally increased as the University implemented temporary and eventually permanent flood risk reduction measures.  AIG flood experts advised in the development of the temporary measures, which consisted of flood barriers, pumps and backflow prevention.  AIG also offered expert opinions to the University on the design parameters for a permanent levee.     

Our analytics capabilities give clients a holistic view of their property exposures, helping them understand their catastrophe and non-catastrophe exposures by assessing the risks that have driven historical losses, revealing the most likely future losses (including climate change considerations) and the likelihood of extreme losses. Analytics also provide actionable insights to inform clients’ risk management decisions and business continuity plans.


Business continuity

Our extensive global risk engineering and analytics capabilities help our clients identify, quantify and manage their risk and maintain their business continuity. In addition to our over 700 property risk engineers, liability risk consultants and business impact specialists, we have over 200 modeling experts and more than a dozen MSc and PhD level experts in various Natural Catastrophe (Nat Cat) and risk consulting with access to multiple industry leading modeling systems for flood, storm, wind, earthquake and supply chain risk.

Exposure analytics

Analytics evaluates the totality of clients’ exposures and ranges of future outcomes. We assess clients’ global exposures by variables including coverage type, spread of risk and risk aggregation, risk profile and construction and occupancy type. Our advanced analytics capabilities provide in-depth views of Nat Cat risks at an individual location level benchmarked against peers, identifying loss drivers for each peril and “marquee events” with large loss potential.

Our advanced analytics can also be directed at evaluating our clients’ complex networks of thousands of manufacturers and service providers to identify critical suppliers and quantify their potential impacts on the supply chain resulting from floods, earthquakes, fires, windstorm and terrorism. Custom “what-if” scenarios can be built to understand cost-benefit of a variety of supply chain risk mitigation strategies.

Storm and earthquake modeling

Using catastrophe models and other analytical tools we can provide a variety of metrics for clients such as the probabilities of hurricane and earthquake losses above specific monetary impact levels to inform insurance and reinsurance strategies. We can also drill down to further analyze loss probabilities at clients’ individual locations and help identify and mitigate the drivers of risk.

Flood analytics

With our flood analytics capabilities, we can assign risk scores to individual client locations to provide clarity around risk aggregations. 3D flood risk visualizations provide better understanding of clients’ flood risks, greater clarity around a location’s flood exposure, better flood risk management and greater potential for improved business restoration and recovery post loss. AIG has also developed high resolution flood maps for many cities and countries that provide enhanced views of flood risk.

Enhancing data quality

Better data leads to more accurate analyses. To improve clients’ data and the accuracy of the subsequent modeling, our risk engineers can conduct risk inspections to ascertain the primary construction data, determine original wind design loads, identify potential physical deficiencies of the assets, etc. We also use a variety of third-party tools to enhance client data, and can also benchmark the quality of data against clients’ peer groups.

Success Story:
Catastrophe risk insights

A major logistics company wanted to know their global exposures to earthquake, flood and windstorm perils. Based on available property data we analyzed the company’s exposures and generated a Catastrophe Risk Insight (CRI) report to help the client visualize their key risks, understand their high risk-exposed facilities and how they benchmarked against their industry peers. This also helped the company consider next steps in terms of further analytical and consultancy support to further mitigate their future risks.

Environmental risks present demanding and complex technical, operational, legal, regulatory and reputational challenges to businesses. We have dedicated risk consultants with decades of environmental risk management experience, including professional engineers, geologists, chemists, biologists, and environmental scientists with deep industry backgrounds.


Identifying environmental exposures

We help our clients manage a range of environmental exposures from day to day operational activities (e.g. storage or manufacturing processes) and accidents (e.g. fires releasing hazardous materials, onsite fuel spills and vehicle accidents) to planning and preparedness for environmental incidents. We evaluate operational risks and potential environmental liabilities that may arise from damage to soil, groundwater, surface water, or air affecting human health and the environment including protected habitats & species. Our consultants work with our clients to reduce their total cost of risk.

Mitigating environmental exposures

Our solutions include reviews of clients’ operational practices and procedures (including management plans and environmental health and safety plans), exposure assessments (from insured’s sites to off-site and emerging exposures), training programs (such as emergency response and hazard communication) and a host of additional programs and services including customized videos and topic specific technical memos and white papers.

Emergency 24-7 environmental response

Our PIER (Pollution Incident & Environmental Response)® program provides clients with round-the- clock response to environmental emergencies. Response is activated by calling the PIER 24-hour hotline, and the right team of local specialists is mobilized immediately to help the client mitigate the loss, control costs and minimize the public impact and their own liabilities.

PIER maintains a global network of environmental specialists to assist with every stage of a crisis event from chemical spills, natural disaster and industrial hygiene to forensic engineering, investigative services and crisis communications. PIER services are available in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. This program supports AIG Commercial insurance policies, with no extra costs, fees or out-of-pocket expenses required to access the PIER hotline.

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Success Story:
Emergency hurricane support

Following severe hurricane damage to their manufacturing facility, including the administrative building and essential documentation, our client was unable to find any local response companies because all were committed to other customers who had suffered losses from the same hurricane.  By contacting PIER the client received access to our network of response and restoration contractors, immediate guidance on the best course of action and was able to arrange emergency contractors at lower rates than they could have obtained for themselves.

Our Marine Loss Control Engineering team provides a wide range of expert risk management services to identify, quantify and minimize clients’ marine exposures.


Global network of maritime expertise

We are a global network of strategically placed marine consultants averaging 25 years of industry experience. Most have sea-going backgrounds, licensed as Master Mariners supported by wide complementary experience as former cargo surveyors, port captains, stevedores and specialized expertise in areas such as supply chain security, logistics, and cargo packaging.

Proactive and reactive risk control

We proactively work with clients to understand their businesses and address their needs based on our deep industry expertise, local knowledge and global reach. We also consistently monitor claims and react quickly to emerging trends or severe losses with business solutions. Our services are tailored to benefit clients in every aspect of maritime or “inland marine” trade, from multinational manufacturers, to ship repairers to logistics service providers.

Effective client communication

Effective communication amongst all stakeholders is a key element to the success of our programs which is achieved through timely dissemination of industry risk insights, regular stewardship meetings and direct 24/7 client access to the Marine Loss Control Engineering team.

Success Story:
Flawed transportation plans

A marine client chartered a vessel for transport of a heavy lift module standing over 20 stories tall that required specialized handling, stowage and securing. Upon review of the original work process, our Marine Loss Control Engineering team found flaws in the stowage and securing plan with potentially disastrous consequences for the vessel as well as for the cargo. We worked with the client, shipping line and other stakeholders to improve the plans to ensure the cargo arrived on time and undamaged at its final destination.

Client Risk Solutions (CRS) Security Solutions team offers clients our global depth of experience in handling all aspects of operational security through preparation, prevention and response. We tailor our assessment and risk engineering services to match each client’s unique requirements. Our risk solutions are designed to enable our clients to detect, pre-empt/mitigate and recover from the operational risks they face. With experience in working with clients on issues ranging from workplace crime, cybersecurity, political violence, evacuation planning and support, kidnap and ransom, terrorism and armed conflict, CRS’s Security Solutions team have the solution to enable clients’ businesses.


Threat intelligence and analytics

CRS can help clients improve their intelligence collection plan and assets, as well as provide clients with threat intelligence. CRS intelligence products range from background information (such as pre-travel briefings), via crime and terror heat mapping, to bespoke assessment and briefings on specific security or country issues.

Security, crisis training and exercising

While our consulting services help clients to address key threats to their physical and operational security, our experience demonstrates the value of practicing what we preach. We also provide a range of training and exercising services at all levels of the client’s organization: from the C-Suite via management to the staff on shop-floor. This ranges from classroom style “walk-through, talk-through” training to active “table top” exercise to help clients with preparation, planning, prevention and response.

Security surveys and reviews

We undertake in-depth physical security assessments for clients, working from the strategic down to the tactical level, leveraging both our operational experience and our claims-derived data. The assessments cover a range of a client’s security risks from insider threats and workplace violence through to terrorism and armed conflicts. CRS works with existing security teams, or can help clients to develop their own capability, in order to build a more holistic and resilient security capability. Uniquely, CRS works cross-lines to ensure that the various layers of protection (safety and security, fire and continuity) complement rather than conflict with each other.

Risk engineering

We have pioneered Terrorism Risk Engineering services in which our senior risk engineers conduct detailed terrorism risk evaluations that enable clients to reduce their terrorism risks. Using SMARTBlast, our propriety modeling tool, we can calculate loss estimates for potential explosives and help implement risk mitigation strategies to limit losses and save lives.


CRS’s cyber risk consulting team work with clients to reduce the likelihood and the impact of a cyber-attack, be that corporate espionage, information destruction or ransomware. The cyber team work seamlessly with physical security consultants to prevent any physical enabler of a cyber-attack being introduced into a client’s system.


Business continuity management

CRS’s business continuity management experts work with clients to ensure that they are best able to manage a security crisis, and minimize business interruption in the event of an incident.

Success Story:
Terror heat mapping

A hotel chain client wanted detailed understanding of their global terror exposures.  We analyzed sites, sectors, and facilities historically targeted by terrorists and overlaid   geospatial data gathered to develop heat maps portraying the terror risk down to individual street-level locations. This method more accurately reflected the cross-border distribution of potential targets and identified two specific client locations at a relatively high risk of terror attack.

Success Story:
Kidnap-for-ransom & extortion

A high net worth client was operating in high threat environments with significant kidnap and ransom exposures.  We developed a comprehensive risk mitigation plan for the client through on-site security reviews, threat and vulnerability assessments and ensuring proper monitoring and response plans were in place. Travel security awareness training and customized risk assessments, verbal and written, were provided as prevention-based services to equip the client with tactical knowledge commensurate with the associated risks.

Success Story:
Terrorist threat

Our commercial property client was directly targeted by an on-line threat from a known terrorist organization.  We conducted a Terrorism Risk Engineering survey to assess the validity of the risk, the capabilities of the terrorist organization and the client’s property and security procedures.  We also conducted a detailed business interruption analysis based on an example attack scenario.   We then worked with the client to implement risk mitigation solutions to limit losses and potentially save lives.