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CRS Marketing Material

Did you know we're using supercomputers to develop risk models and analytics 50-100x faster than with standard computers? Watch this video to learn more about our commitment to becoming our clients' most valued insurer.

AIG brings together innovations and new solutions to help manage risks.  

CRS Overview

We’ve grouped industry leading analysis, expertise and innovation together under the umbrella of Client Risk Solutions (CRS) and evolved our capabilities in order to help our client’s to reduce their total cost of risk.

Client Journey: From Insight to Response

Client Risk Solutions (CRS) takes businesses on a multi-stage journey through risk. From identifying and quantifying exposures to developing mitigation and response plans, CRS offers clients a continuous approach to managing risk, designed to lower their total cost of risk. 

What’s Inside Client Risk Solutions

Client Risk Solutions (CRS) puts AIG’s expertise and resources to work for you everyday … making your world safer, keeping your business running smoothly and driving down your cost of risk.  


SMARTBlast, an Estimated Maximum Loss (EML) modeling tool, calculates the losses from explosions and fires to help us understand our clients’ risk exposures, whether it be due to an accidental industrial explosion or a terrorism blast event. The model builds on our experience from other industry blast modeling tools and provides a suite of additional enhancements.


The CRS Terrorism Prevention team provides advice to help organizations evaluate and understand the terrorism-related exposures they face today.  

Property Client Training

CRS property risk engineering training partners with clients to help them better understand their property risk and loss potential.

Game-Changing Innovation via the AIG-Clemson Partnership

The future of risk management and insurance will be rooted in cutting edge data analytics and insights. By partnering with Clemson University, AIG is positioned to leverage engineering, analytics, claims and proprietary technology to build risk intelligence, turning data into meaningful insight for our clients.

Analytics and Technology Services

Our Analytics and Technology services are designed to guide AIG and our clients to harness the benefits of big data and technological advances to create real-world solutions. Some of these services are market ready and available today, others are at testing or concept stages. Explore this booklet to learn about the exciting initiatives that are available.

Innovation and Product Development

CRS Innovation and product development at AIG evaluates and develops cutting-edge solutions leveraging the latest in technology and computing. From ideation to proof of concept, pilot phase to deployment – we partner with clients to tackle some of today’s most challenging business risks and develop solutions to help reduce their total cost of risk.  

AIG Risk Management Clients

CRS supports AIG Risk Management (AIGRM) clients by lowering their total cost of risk by providing access to knowledge, training and consultative solutions.