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Industry Focus


Manufacturers are faced with a myriad of challenges including a rapid pace of innovation, amplified regulatory pressures, global trade uncertainties, increasingly complex supply chains and greater customer demands.

Higher Education

Higher Education Institutions operate in a unique environment with significant property and people risk exposures. Given their large populations of employees and students, they can also face considerable disruption when a natural catastrophe or man-made event occurs.


Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions compete vigorously to maintain profitability and deliver superior service to demanding customers, against a backdrop of rapid innovation, amplified regulatory pressures, and global uncertainties.


Healthcare and life sciences companies face a wide array of risk challenges, stemming from aging patients and staff, online record-keeping, regulatory uncertainty, among other sources.


Real Estate

Real estate owners, operators, managers and developers act vigorously to maintain profitability against a backdrop of numerous risks that can impact their business. Increased construction costs, amplified regulatory pressures, property losses from natural catastrophe and hazards and terrorism or active shooter events are just some elements that can create challenges which must be protectively managed.

Transportation: Logistics

Logistics Service Providers and related carriers are faced with innumerable challenges including high operational costs and talent shortages; a rapid pace of innovation and implementation of new disruptive technologies; more “intelligent” supply chains; amplified regulatory pressures; heightened geo-political risks and global trade uncertainties, and greater customer demands.



Retail companies compete to deliver superior service to customers with diverse and ever-changing needs, and amidst a rapid on-line shift and increasingly complex supply chains. Emerging risks and vulnerabilities must be protectively and efficiently managed so that retail companies can continue to delight and retain their customers.

Hospitality and Leisure

Hospitality and leisure businesses face a number of challenges and emerging risks which create vulnerabilities that must be managed proactively and efficiently, so hospitality and leisure businesses can focus on their primary goal of delighting and retaining customers.


Construction companies encounter ever changing risks and challenges through the course of construction, from excavation through to testin1g and commissioning. These challenges create vulnerabilities and emerging risks that must be properly managed.

Energy: Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

Energy industries are facing a myriad of challenges, opportunities and new innovations that include supply chain reliability, cost effective infrastructure and operations, technology advancements, climate issues, amplified regulatory pressure and an increasing customer demand.

Energy: Chemical

The chemical industry exists within an environment of challenges, opportunities and innovation. Some challenges faced by the industry are leading to resource scarcity and vulnerabilities that must be properly managed in order for the energy sector to deliver profitable growth.

Energy: Power Generation

The electrical power generating industries are being affected by a number of issues and challenges. These challenges are leading to emerging risks that must be properly managed in order for the electrical sectors to operate efficiently and remain competitive.

Energy: Mining

The mining and natural resources industries are faced with numerous of challenges including safety, supply, reliable and cost effective production, technology advancements and efficiencies, climate issues, amplified social and regulatory pressure and an increasing customer demand.