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Client Risk Solutions

For nearly a century AIG has handled millions of business insurance claims throughout the world, giving us a vast storehouse of data and insights across the entire spectrum of risk that businesses face.

On top of this global experience we’ve overlaid industry leading analysis, expertise and innovation to create a range of cutting edge, data driven services to help clients identify and reduce the risks they face now and in the future.

We’ve grouped these services together under the umbrella of Client Risk Solutions (CRS) and evolved our capabilities in order to help our client’s to reduce their total cost of risk. 


What's New


Analytics and Technical Services

How AIG is harnessing the benefits of big data and technological advances

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Property Client Training

Register to attend Commercial Property Loss Prevention & Risk Management training.

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Natural Catastrophe Services

Managing and mitigating catastrophe losses throughout our clients’ businesses

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Webinars On-Demand

Register for upcoming webinars here and watch others on-demand.

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