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Total capacity: $100M on renewals and $75M on new business

  • Lead umbrella: available limits up to $25M; limits offered will depend on class of business and individual account characteristics

  • Mid excess: limits up to $25M excess of a minimum attachment of $10M; must not be the first risk transfer layer

  • Cat Excess: limits up to $75M excess of a minimum attachment of $100M; typically in the top one-third of the tower

  • Small business excess: lead coverage with limits up to $10M for companies with revenues up to $25M

  • Lex London: lead, mid excess and high excess coverage offered to U.S. clients seeking access through the London market

  • CrisisResponse®, a built in enhancement to Excess Casualty’s commercial umbrella liability policy, provides policyholders first-dollar coverage and the professional expertise to respond effectively, helping to minimize ultimate damages in a casualty crisis
  • Broad underwriting appetite with flexibility in attachment, limit and form

  • Coordination of capacity between U.S., Bermuda and Lex London

  • Classes of business: broad appetite other than pharmaceuticals, invasive medical products, residential construction, New York construction attaching below $25M and low attaching trucking or residential real estate business
  • Coverage options for financial and tangible losses resulting from a cyber event on a primary (CyberEdge® or CyberEdge Plus) or excess/difference-in-conditions (CyberEdge PC®) basis

  • Coverage is available through a standalone policy or as part of select property or casualty policies from AIG

  • Available limits up to $100M (varying by coverage) and no minimum retention

  • Threat profile, business impact and cybersecurity controls are evaluated in determining terms and conditions offered on an individual risk basis
  • Broad appetite across various industries including, but not limited to: retail, healthcare, higher education, financial institutions, manufacturing, technology, law firms or energy companies; and all legal entities: public, private, non-profit and partnerships

  • All geographies: backed by AIG’s multinational expertise, solutions and service spanning a network of 215+ countries and jurisdictions

  • All revenue sizes


  • Experienced and dedicated claims team members handle 6+ cyber claims per business day

  • Unique partnership between claims and underwriting ensures coverage is continuously updated to address today’s emerging exposures

  • Local presence supported by global resources enables expert claims handling around the world

Cyber Maturity Analytics

  • Tailored analytics available on threat profile, control effectiveness and peer benchmarking (after completing AIG’s Cyber Application) can help clients better understand their cyber maturity and coverage; basic reports are available for applicants even if they do not bind with AIG

  • CyberMaticsSM, AIG’s award winning, technology-driven underwriting process, can help verify cyber risk posture, prioritize implementation of controls that reduce cyber risk and make better investment decisions in their overall cybersecurity program

Cyber Loss Prevention

  • Loss prevention tools and services valued at up to

  • $25,000, are included with eligible* policies; services can include employee eLearning, phishing simulations, domain protection, blacklist IP blocking, infrastructure vulnerability scanning and more


  • Excess Casualty’s claims professionals, of which 70%are attorneys, average 20 years of claims experience

  • Dedicated units focus on high severity claims for complex, divisional and fast class, mass tort and construction defect

  • Nationwide legal support of elite defense attorneys at negotiated rates in every state help to implement solutions with adherence to any local nuances and regulations

Risk Consulting


  • In-house risk engineers and consultants help insureds navigate risk solutions for exposures and areas of coverage most important to them

  • Claims analysis and industry benchmarking are available to determine potential claims drivers and help insured prepare for current and future loss trends

  • Insureds can receive an in-depth look at the risks and liabilities posed by their products and services, including premises, terrorism and general security, product liability, worker safety, emerging risks and more