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  • Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL): protects contractors against third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage or environmental damage resulting from pollution conditions caused by covered operations; claims-made or occurrence basis; limits up to $75M; minimum premium $2,500

  • Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE) Program®: combines CGL standard liability coverage with coverage for pollution exposures arising from on-site premises, products or off-site premises operations; Excess and Automobile Liability only written in conjunction with primary EAGLE; $1M/$2M/$2M limit structure; minimum premium$15,000

    • Cyber Liability, including Security & Privacy Liability, Event Management, and Network Interruption is available by endorsement to the EAGLE policy
  • Commercial Excess Follow Form (CEFF): insurance excess of, and to the extent covered by, the insuring agreement of the underlying AIG Insurer EAGLE primary policy; limits up to $25M

  • TankGuard® Storage Tank Liability Insurance: coverage for corrective action, clean-up and third-party claims for bodily injury and property damage resulting from pollution conditions from scheduled storage tank systems; limits as required by federal and state regulations; minimum premium $525







Construction and commercial services contractors, construction projects including OCIP and CCIP

Limited appetite for industrial operations, maintenance fixed based operators (FBOs), mining


Manufacturing and distribution 

 First and third-party (tolling) manufacturing, wholesale and limited retail distribution, brokering (small–mid sized companies)

 Aircraft critical parts, toys, sporting equipment, medical equipment, power tools, building materials


 Manufacturers, blending operations, distribution operations, raw/intermediate materials manufacturing and distribution (small–mid sized companies)

Dry cleaning products, pharmaceuticals

Utilities: public and  private operation

Composting facilities; methane collection and co-generation at landfills; quarries; waste treatment, storage or disposal facilities (landfill, recycling, incineration, transfer stations); waste water treatment plants

Hospitals/assisted living facilities, schools, residential trash haulers, power plants, mines, potable water utility, petroleum refineries


Owners/operators of underground and aboveground storage tanks

Underground tanks
< 25 years of age; aboveground tanks < 40 years of age; commercial real estate; healthcare, education and recreation facilities; retail and wholesale fueling facilities

Airport exposures with hydrant systems, industrial processing tanks, bulk terminal risk

Risk Consulting

  • PIER (Pollution Incident and Environmental Response)®: a value-add program assists insureds with emergency response crisis management and managing loss costs
  • In-house dedicated engineers with 15+ years of insurance and environmental consulting experience to assist insureds with environmental risk management program evaluation and optimization by assessing plans, providing training and delivering recommendations for risk improvement


  • Dedicated in-house Environmental claims unit with an experienced staff focused on the environmental industry and environmental litigation