Vacation season is here, and it’s time to plan our vacations—or at least, our business trips. For women, planning a trip also means thinking about personal safety.

Yes, many women travel safely all year, without experiencing any negative incidents. But there are real risks that women can face while traveling—especially while traveling alone. Women traveling abroad may find they’re expected to follow local dress code and customs. Each city can present its own set of challenges.

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At AIG, we believe in helping women enjoy their travels around the world. Read for tips to help you travel solo safer:

  1. Dress like a local or long-time expat 
    Dressing like a local or long-time expat may help reduce unwanted attention. Read up about the place you’re visiting before you travel and pay particular attention to any local laws or customs with respect to women's behavior or clothing. Aim to blend in with your clothes wherever you go and consider packing accordingly.

  2. Show your confidence 
    Know where you’re going and what you want to do. Consult a map before your adventure; no one looks too confident standing in the middle of the sidewalk and looking at a phone or map. Confidence can be a major deterrent of unwanted attention and harassment.

  3. Be aware after dark
    Avoid walking alone on unlit streets and in empty areas after dark. Take a taxi instead, and have the driver drop you off at the entrance of your destination.

  4. Stay alert in transit—and use your phone to help  
    If you’re walking back to the hotel alone, or traveling alone in a taxi, consider making a phone call. Those around you will not likely know whether the call is real or fake, but they may be led to believe that someone knows where you are and is waiting for you. While you’re in a taxi, you may want to track your destination using your smartphone. That way, you can tell if your driver is going off route.

  5. Protect your belongings by choosing the right bag—and the right way to wear it  
    When traveling, consider using a handbag with an inner zippered pocket to protect your travel documents and your wallet. If you can, wear your handbag cross-body to make it more difficult for thieves to access your belongings or take your bag off your person. Try a bag with a long or adjustable strap to make the cross-body style work effortlessly. 

Planning a trip? Contact AIG Travel Guard at +1.800.826.1300, or visit Travel Guard online. We’re here to help you enjoy your travels, and we can share many best practices to help you travel safer. Travel Guard is here for you 24/7, offering support both before and during your trip and helping you manage any risks or issues that may come up along the way.

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