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Customer Support

IntelliRisk® Services offers risk management information services for policyholders of AIG Insurance.  Our suite of products helps customers manage their claim programs and reduce costs.  Designated business and technology professionals back all RMIS products and services and work with our customers to provide customized solutions.

  • About IntelliRisk Services
    • IntelliRisk® products and services are designed to help facilitate every step of the claim process:
    • Generate a Loss Run when you need it with IntelliRisk online report service
    • Report a Claim online claim reporting
    • Find Nearby Medical Care with Workers' Compensation Provider Network Site 
    • Advanced Services – For sophisticated risk management needs, IntelliRisk® Advanced has features such as Adjuster Activity Notes, Alerts, Profiling, OSHA facilitation and Wireless access through Web enabled devices such as BlackBerry®.  File Transfer/Data Conversion Services allow our customers to access and analyze their complete loss history, facilitating a smooth transition from previous carriers and TPA’s. Service options vary depending on lines of business and countries. For more information see the Advanced Services tab.
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    • Questions about IntelliRisk products or services?  Contact your local IntelliRisk Services Representative.

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  • Loss Runs
  • Service options vary depending on lines of business and countries.
    IntelliRisk® online report service has replaced the “Order Loss Run” report request service.
    With IntelliRisk, you can generate a loss run anytime you need it, and more!  Choose from two reports – both available in PDF or Microsoft® Excel® formats.
    • Flexible dashboard with summaries at the client, account or policy level.  Drill down to additional information about the selected policy or claim, or view data in a chart or graph
    • Immediate access to data on a daily basis, eliminating the need to wait for an updated report
    • Standard Loss Run and Monthly Payment Report.  Standard Loss Run available for prior month end valuations
    • Secure, self-registration and authentication process enables the user to control their data access
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    Looking for more advanced features such as Alerts, OSHA and Adjuster Activity Notes?  See the Advanced Services tab.
    Questions about IntelliRisk products or services?  Contact your local IntelliRisk Services Representative.
  • Report a Claim
  • Service options vary depending on lines of business and countries.
    Have a claim?  Report it online using the AIG claim reporting site that facilitates State and Loss Notice form reports and submission to the appropriate claim office.
    • Pre-populated forms based on insured reporting location
    • Consistent and detailed data capture, providing better loss reporting information and metrics
    • Document attachment capabilities for insureds and brokers online
    • Smart system questions that streamline the intake process
    • More effective and efficient capture of information upfront for a smoother, more effective claims process
    • Search for previously reported claims by various criteria
    • A claim status-view page for insured’s and brokers to track adjuster assignment and claim closure
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    Questions about IntelliRisk products or services?  Contact your local IntelliRisk Services Representative.
  • Medical Management
  • Service options vary depending on lines of business and countries. 
    Workers' Compensation Provider Network - Easily locate nearby hospitals, doctors or other medical facilities through various searches.  You can even pull up a map and directions with just a few keystrokes.  View descriptions of state rules that apply to the direction of medical care such as provider selection, managed care options, and additional state-specific regulations. 
    Medical Management Regulatory Update - Quarterly release providing information on recent legislation and regulations.

    Medical Advisor - Quarterly newsletter providing key insights into medical conditions affecting our customers.
  • Advanced Services
  • Service options vary depending on lines of business and countries.
    IntelliRisk Advanced is a sophisticated risk management system featuring detailed claim and financial information, adjuster activity notes, automated alerts, quick status reports, and advanced risk management analysis tools.  A customizable, printable Dashboard provides several metrics and filter options for instant viewing of critical claim data, with hyperlinks to details.
    Numerous report formats can be generated and scheduled for automatic distribution.  OSHA data streamlining, loss triangles, cost of risk analysis and integration of self-administered claim information are available.  Claim data from worldwide locations can be consolidated for easy viewing and ad hoc reporting.
    Registered users can use the log-in box on the right to access IntelliRisk Advanced.
    Wireless access provides viewing of claim and financial data and adjuster notes, as well as access to Alerts.  Access from your BlackBerry or other Web enabled device.

    Data File Services
    Receive your loss data via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) in various formats for easy integration into your system, spreadsheet or other databases.

    Data Conversion Services
    Convert historical loss information from self-insured or TPA systems to Commercial Insurance host systems, for viewing of complete loss history through the RMIS-IntelliRisk suite of products

    Questions about IntelliRisk products or services?  Contact your local IntelliRisk Services Representative.
  • Recognition
  • 2015 – For the fifth consecutive time, IntelliRisk® Advanced is ranked the #1 Insurer-based information system in the independent RMIS Review authored by Dave Tweedy of Bickmore and published by Advisen, IntelliRisk Advanced is rated “Excellent” overall with emphasis on our strength as a claims analysis tool.  The review concludes:  “The technology and functionality of the software and the size of the service staff, shows the continued interest and investment that AIG places in IntelliRisk.” Click here for the review.  

    2014 - AIG's GIS Mobile Application developed for the Global Investigative Services team was recognized in the UK and awarded the Technology Initiative of the year 2014 award at The Insurance Fraud Awards in London. The prestigious Insurance Fraud Awards, hosted by The Post recognize the efforts of those individuals and businesses within the industry who have done most to combat and prevent fraud. GIS Mobile enables field investigations to be carried out using an iPad. Click here for more information

    2013 – AIG’s Claims Field Application wins Post Magazine’s Innovation of the Year Award at the UK Insurance Claims Awards. This iPad based app enables onsite investigators to take photos or videos, take witness statements and instantly submit completed reports. Time to access and process claims is dramatically reduced, with measurable results for our customers.
    Click here for more information.

    2013 – IntelliRisk® Advanced is ranked #1 Insurer-based information system for bundled services in an independent review authored by David Tweedy and published by Advisen
    Click here for the review.

    2011 – The IntelliRisk® Executive Dashboard is recognized as an innovative system providing anytime access to aggregated global claim information in a highly useable and accessible format on virtually any web-enabled tool.  This forward looking design and fresh approach earned AIG a Business Insurance Innovation Award.

    2010 – IntelliRisk® Advanced again achieves high marks in International Risk Management Institute’s (IRMI) RMIS Review with an ‘Excellent’ rating in all major categories of comparison.  In comments by the review author, David Tweedy, IntelliRisk Advanced was described as “ of the truly outstanding bundled systems available.”

    2008 – IntelliRisk® Advanced retains the top ranking for bundled systems in International Risk Management Institute’s (IRMI) RMIS Review.  Our system was recognized for ease of use with improved analysis and reporting capabilities matched with a strong commitment to clients by our customer support team.

    2007 – IntelliRisk® Advanced is ranked the #1 bundled RMIS system in an independent review authored by David Tweedy published by International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI).

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