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Congratulations to...

When Sandra Cotuna isn’t crunching numbers as one of our actuaries, she is pounding the pavement in an effort to raise money to build schools across the world. To date, Sandra has run 20 marathons and is using her fundraising proceeds to support an organization close to her heart called buildOn. Next up, a marathon in Antarctica this year. To read more about her inspiring mission, view a recent article on Contact or visit her webpage.


Keep up the great work, Sandra!

Melisa Byrd, Underwriter in our Western Zone, recently helped us win an important account in Hawaii. The client specifically requested flood coverage, but we weren’t able to verify the home’s elevation. Melisa conducted extensive research to confirm the location of all levees on Maui to ensure the risk would qualify. This resulted in greatly pleasing the producer and client, and binding the $63,000 account.   

Hayden Kopser, Underwriter in the Eastern Zone, has dedicated a significant amount of his time to be a subject matter expert on our Family CyberEdge product. He routinely sends helpful information to our marketing and underwriting teams to ensure that they are armed with the necessary knowledge about cyber protection and why this product is essential for our policyholders. He also makes himself readily available to discuss the coverage and answer questions from our producers.

Gwen Packard, Business Development Manager for New Jersey, has successfully leveraged her prior experience as a producer to credibly network with other producers. Recent connections she has made have enabled her to deliver continuing education courses to advisors, gain referrals to new clients and even land a $47, 000 account through one of these leads.

Susan Perry, Business Development Manager in Southeast Florida, stepped up to help a client when he was in urgent need of assistance. After getting pulled over leaving a charity event in Palm Beach, his car was impounded and license suspended due to an AIG system error. One of his vehicles was identified as having no insurance coverage, which caused the suspended license. We reviewed the situation and sent all the documentation proving he had the appropriate insurance to both the Palm Beach DVM and the Palm Beach Court house. Unfortunately, the client still had to make a court appearance. At the client’s request, Sue graciously accompanied him to the Palm Beach Court House. She set up a time to meet prior to the court appearance to discuss the situation. They then presented the case and eventually it was dismissed. The client was very appreciative of the support he received from Sue and the personal touch she added to the difficult situation.

Kathy Spinella, Personal Lines Claims Director, continues to deliver best-in-class service in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. She has done an excellent job of explaining the applicable coverages and what should/should not be paid. She also provided ongoing assistance to producers by responding to inquiries about the severity of damage at particular locations. She made herself available any time of day and was always a pleasure to work with.

Cameron Strothman, Technical Specialist in Fire Protection, was contacted to assist with a new business quote on a $22 million Colorado home. During his conversation with the underwriter, he realized he not only knew the contractor but also had inspected the property years ago for a different owner. Since that time, the home had undergone a unique renovation—a 16,000 square foot addition below the existing 11,000 square foot home. When the coverage value was presented as $22 million, Cameron immediately knew the replacement cost would need to be much higher. He took the initiative and contacted the contractor to review the project costs, and together they estimated the replacement cost to be $37 million—68% more than the submitted coverage. The broker and insured agreed with the $37 million figure after consultation with the contractor. Additionally, Cameron leveraged his relationship with the local fire department to ensure the proper alarm systems were in place.

Jane Yue, Regional Product Manager, took on the challenge of developing a process that vastly improves the organization and planning of our rate revisions to ensure every stakeholder knows exactly what is expected and when information needs to be delivered. Jane provides great leadership with this nationwide process that spans Product, Actuarial, Transformation Service, IT, Marketing and Compliance.

Kevin Bartosik, Auto Claim Analyst, received the following appreciation from a policyholder:

“Kevin did a wonderful job of servicing my claim. He informed me that a previous repair in the same area was not done to [the manufacturer’s] standards and therefore when I turned my lease in I would have a problem. He told me where to have the car repaired...Even though the claim would be higher than the estimates, he wanted it to be done right. Very happy that I use AIG.”

Shandrel Canady, Auto Claim Analyst, received the following email from a policyholder:

“Looking back at 2017, I did not want to miss the opportunity to thank you for your excellent customer service when my car had extensive hail damage in May. You were always available, responsive, informed, empowered, and a pleasure to work with. It was not an easy time, and knowing that I could depend upon you was greatly appreciated peace of mind. Thank you, and thank you again.” 

Jennifer Doty, Property Claim Analyst, received the following compliment from a producer:

“Wanted to let you know that Jennifer Doty is, by far, one of the best adjusters I've ever worked with.  She's a superstar in my book. Please make sure her supervisor is notified - we are so appreciative of her hard work.”

Kristina Pellettiere, Auto Claim Analyst, received the appreciation from a policyholder:

“I’m writing to you to tell you that in all my life I have never dealt with a more professional, caring person in any area of business as Kristina. I realize that there’s no need to take time and write about this but I feel compelled to let you know what an absolute pleasure it was speaking with her. I’m sure that many people would be very quick to write a letter about poor service but wouldn’t take the time praising someone’s great work ethic. I’ve never written such a letter so I hope you know this is truly from my heart!”

Tanya Presto, Property Claim Analyst, received the following email from a policyholder:

“I did receive the settlement check and wanted to personally thank you for your prompt and professional service. Rarely do I get to enjoy truly exceptional attention to my needs, but you have achieved it. Thank you again and I look forward to many more years of AIG being my choice for insurance requirements.”

Laura Schmoll, Auto Claim Analyst, received the following email from a policyholder:

“You're the best thank you so much! You've been outstandingly helpful during this process.”

Christie Schrage Auto Claim Analyst, received the following appreciation from a producer: 

“Christie you are so wonderful!!!  Thank you for jumping on this one and taking care of it so quickly!  Your hard work is much appreciated by Marsh and our client!  WAY TO GO!”

Karim Schultz, Casualty Claim Analyst, received the following compliments from a policyholder:

“Please allow me a minute of your time to express my commendation for one of your employees, Karim Schultz. It has been 32 months since my accident at one of your insured's properties.  From the moment my claim was assigned to Karim and throughout all the phone conversations, bills to pay, etc., Karim acted with the utmost of integrity. His respect for me and all that I was enduring were nothing short of remarkable. I was never made to feel invalidated in any way, and his compassion and concern for my well-being was appreciated in every way. Karim is an asset to AIG, and any claimant is lucky to work with him. There are many adverse opinions of insurance companies in general; however, my experience with AIG has been stellar.  I am grateful to your company and to Karim.”

John Skoblicki, Property Claim Analyst, received the following email from a policyholder:

“I want to tell you how impressed I am with you and all of your people who helped in this process. It was a pleasure to deal with you and with them. You were all professional, competent, efficient and skilled in your fields...You, in particular, thoroughly knew your business and were considerate, thoughtful, and pleasant. I am happy to recommend your organization.”

Chris Parker and Albert Jonke, Auto Claim Analysts, received the following email from a policyholder:

“Thank you so much. Albert and yourself have been incredible, and you’re both a credit to AIG, thank you.” 

Throughout the 14 days in which the Thomas Fire burned a record 281,000 acres in California, our Wildfire Protection Unit team members worked twelve or more hours a day, both on their own and directly with municipal firefighters preparing homes, applying thousands of gallons of Thermo Gel and Phos-Chek, knocking down fire around clients’ properties and at the request of fire officials, working as structure protection teams while fire moved through the area. We’d like to thank all of the Wildfire Protection Unit team members for their tireless efforts:

James Rappuhn
Richard Aaron
Brandon Buchanan
Benjamin Burt
Moises Dorado
Michael Forster
Arthur Guerrero
Kyle Kujawa
Jay McCarrell
Matthew Ray
Michal Thayer

Our WPU received many accolades from producers, including the following sent to James Rappuhn, WPU Director:

“James, I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to the entire Wildfire Protection Unit. I was on the phone every other day with Jay McCarrell and Jay was very generous with his time. He kept us updated on the status of the fire. We were able to reassure our clients that if the fire got to a certain distance the Wildfire Protection Unit would be there to spray and help protect the property. We were also able to communicate that Wildfire Protection would not indiscriminately spray a property unless it was needed.

Let’s hope nothing like this ever happens again, but if it does, we know who we can depend on.”

 Deserie Thigpen, Head of Loss Prevention, made tremendous contributions throughout the fourth quarter. It was all-hands-on-deck for much of this time, and Deserie worked tirelessly to ensure we were doing everything possible to assist our policyholders. (It is rumored that there was a seven-day stretch where Des didn’t leave her home because of all the hurricane and wildfire activity.)

Scott McEuen, Senior Business Development Manager, as the representative for PCG, was awarded the Montecito Fire Department Challenge Coin. The Challenge Coin was given for the “leadership and outstanding service to the community” that was demonstrated during the devastating fires in Montecito, CA. 

Scott McEuen, right, poses with Montecito Fire Chief Chip Hickman, who presented Scott with the Challenge Coin.

The following individuals are celebrating milestone anniversaries this fall.

Congratulations to Jacquelyn Guidry on 30 years with AIG!

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Anne Kolatorowicz

Nicole Cucolo
Lourdes Flores
Tatiana Mack
Anthony Pasuco

Enmanuel Antonio
Jacob Brandenburg
Barbara Chamberlain
Stephen DelGuidice
Brian Dixon
Debra Hornung
Catherine Mayone
Heather Parent
Andrew Schmer
John Skoblicki
Karen Sohst
Christine Yackanin

Katie Burns
Joseph Lombardo
Joseph Mueller
Kimberly Styx
Michael Tress

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