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Kudos Corner

Congratulations to...

Monica Blanton, Private Client Select Senior New Business Underwriter, Eastern Zone
From a broker:
“I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without giving Monica Blanton extreme kudos. Monica’s prompt delivery, incredible work ethic and compassion for brokers and clients is truly the partnership we were looking for. Please pass on my sincere appreciation to her team from ours.”


Brian Harris, Property National General Adjuster, Schaumburg
From a broker:
“I am writing you for the following reason: Brian Harris. I have worked with him on claims for my insureds and cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the over the top service! We have received exceptional claim service from Brian and AIG. Claims is a main reason we continue to write business with AIG! I really do appreciate all the service we receive from Brian and the rest of your staff.”


Marla Howey, Auto/Casualty Claims Analyst, Schaumburg
From a client:
“Marla .... you’ve been terrific to deal with’re a real pro...”


Carulette (Denise) Monroe, PIP Adjuster, Berkeley Heights
From a client:
“Thank you, Denise. Tell your boss I think you’re great!!!! There, you have it in writing. Really, you go above and beyond. I, especially, appreciate the day you called billing at the University of Utah Orthopedic Center - after they’d told me they’d sent the claim/bill, but you hadn’t received it. What an advocate you are!! Have a great rest of the week, summer.”


Mike Orlosky, Property National General Adjuster, Connecticut
From a client:
“Timely and thorough response by handler, and fast assessment and funds to repair…new floor went in yesterday and we are contracting for other repairs. Really appreciate the note and feel terrible we even had a claim! However, it did confirm we are with the right company….thanks.”


Laura Schmoll, Auto Claims Analyst, Schaumburg
From a client:
“I picked up my vehicle...Everything looks great. The pick-up, rental return, and handling of the claim were about as seamless as I could ask for. Thank you for your help; it has been a real pleasure to have dealt with you and AIG.”


Rosa Zambito, Auto Claims Analyst, Montreal, Canada
From a broker:
“I just wanted to thank you for looking after my client. Overall he’s very pleased with all interactions and communication throughout the claim. You have left him with a good impression of AIG, and thank you for your effort!”

A big “kudos” goes out to all the Product Managers, Actuaries, Compliance and State Filings teams. Together they have been instrumental in producing updated rate plans to help drive our profitability efforts.


In addition, thanks to Rose Zilinskas , Home Office Underwriting Head, for coordinating delivery, training and posting of all underwriting guideline changes, and Sam Uphoff, Individual Segment Integration Manager, who has been critical in helping to build PCG’s three year plan.

Our Wildfire Protection Unit has been deployed to six wildfires in California and three in Colorado this year. Historically, the team has not been deployed to this many fires in just seven months, but a number of factors are causing California fires to ignite easily and grow at dangerous and deadly rates of spread.


Although many WPU crewmembers contributed to the protection of our clients’ properties, here are a few examples:


Wildfire Mitigation Specialists Mike Forster and Art Guerrero were deployed to the Carr Fire in late July. In the process of visiting and providing protective actions in 110 degree weather they discovered two total losses and one property with minor damage. Although they were not able to protect these homes they were able to provide the necessary information to get the claims process started immediately. Without being in the area, notification of loss would still not be possible as the area remains under mandatory evacuation. In addition, they provided water to a goat and dog in an evacuated area and called Animal Control for follow up.


On the Cranston Fire near Idyllwild, CA, Wildfire Mitigation Specialists Matt Ray, Moises Dorado, Brandon Buchanan and Nick White worked multiple 14-hour days in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. Their protective actions at 25 homes included using chainsaws to thin and remove thick hazardous native fuels around structures, applying Thermo-Gel to large wood piles and stacked debris, using hand tools to cut line and prevent fire spread to structures, removing hazardous fuels around large propane tanks, taping over vents and removing combustible materials such as patio furniture, door mats, and wood piles.


Kudos from a client:
“Thank you so very much for all your assistance during the fire. Your guys in the field were just wonderful to my mother and you guys were so responsive and communicative. We really appreciate everything. If possible, please extend our appreciation to the guys in the field.”

Our Central Zone had their eyes on a target VIP client for some time. The incumbent broker had the coverage placed with Chubb for many years. Aon was then presented with an opportunity directly with the family office, which allowed us to take a full look at the account without the current broker involvement. After working with us to address all the needs the client expressed, Aon was granted exclusive rights to the program and officially partnered with AIG to put together a best-in-class solution covering many properties, collector vehicles, umbrella, yacht, collections and more. We also brought in our commercial team to offer a better workers’ compensation program that the prior broker had spread out to several carriers. AIG provided an improved, one carrier solution.


This process lasted over three months and resulted in nearly $450,000 in premium (with an additional $170,000 to come for yacht). Many areas of our business and staff members deserve kudos for this big win, including: Matt Boschi, Regional Marketing Manager; Brian Schwarzkopf, Business Development Manager; Willy Hammond, Platinum Account National Director; Deon Hornsby, Regional Underwriting Manager; Glenn Pollard, Underwriting Specialist; and Kim Weybright, Platinum Account Advisor.

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Mary Artz
Jonathan Brophy
Richard Chamblee
James DeSimone
Michael Orlosky

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