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Express Bill Pay: the first of many valuable PCG client portal features

“I just paid my bill. OMG so much easier. Thank you!”

This is just one of many comments we’ve received from clients since launching Express Bill Pay functionality. As we mentioned on Jerry's Q2 webcast and in the July producer newsletter, we’re building functionality that makes it easier for clients to do business with us. Online bill payment has been a longtime challenge, and we’re pleased that Express Bill Pay is providing a solution. Others have described the functionality as “quick and easy to use,” and “very smooth and user friendly.”

So far, we’ve completed more than 6,000 transactions and received over $20 million in payments through this channel. This is quite an amazing feat, considering this initiative took just seven months from initial kickoff to implementation. And we’re not done yet. There are many more features of the client portal that we will be launching in the upcoming months, including:

  • Enhanced, more comprehensive bill pay
  • Online access to policy documentation
  • Ability to track claim status
  • Ability to submit First Notice of Loss (FNOL) 
  • User preferences

Additionally, we are starting to explore other ways to enhance the portal, such as enabling eligible policyholders to enroll in our Wildfire Protection Unit, informing clients about new products and more.

Thanks to all who are involved in the evolution of AIG Private Client Group’s client portal. It’s an exciting time as our efforts to improve customer experience come to life. We’ll keep you posted on further enhancements and developments as they are available.