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Kudos Corner

Congratulations to...

Congratulations to Kevin Aikman who is celebrating 25 years with AIG! The following individuals also are celebrating milestone anniversaries this summer:

Arlene Bogle
Stefanie Colavito
Lourdes Flores
Rocio Garcia
David Hubbard
Laura Kavanagh
Mike Lynch
Kristin Marquez
Scott McEuen
Joyce McKeely
Jim Moore
Gayle Thomas
Emma VanDoran
Sue Weber
Sandra Weinberger
Alison Woods

Herb Bailey
Marie Brezinski
Dan Caragher
Matt Cliszis
Sean Coon
Nancy D’Alexander
Trish Gambardella
Peggy Hermanson
Christopher Hutton
Grace Hwang
Tricia Kurpiewski,
Kelly Marshall
Tom Nenoff
Jackie Reid-Hercules
Melissa Rogers
Brad Sawyer
Jill Scanlan
Lindsey Sellman
Gabby Stambaugh
Josy-Anne Tanguay
Sharee Van Looy
Joe Warren

Andrew Burke
Bang Nguyen
Larry Thompson
Nicolas Vegas
Sangita Wadhwani

As Jerry mentioned on his webcast earlier this week, we’re extremely proud of our staff’s commitment to providing the best quality of service to our brokers and clients. Here are a few examples:

Our Operations Contact Center has been receiving in excess of 100 calls within a half hour, which is a staggering amount of phone volume. Two analysts recently received praise from our brokers: 


Rudy Robbin, Contact Center Analyst (Billing) 

“The type of representative that I wish I could deal with all the time…Rudy started with a very frustrated customer and turned it around to a very satisfied and happy customer… Rudy exceeded my expectations.”  

Philip Maenza, Contact Center Analyst 

“He was so helpful, calm and you could not ask for a nicer person to be on the phone with who knows his job and how to treat the caller! I just want you to know he is definitely and asset to AIG, and you should be very proud of him.”  


Peter DiGiovanni, Platinum Account Associate in South Florida, recently met an insured's property manager at an 18,000 square foot Boca Raton home insured for $15 million. The property manager was new to running this large home and was interested in the walk-through with Peter to better acquaint himself with the inner working of the home. Admittedly he was still "learning the house."  


At the end of the extensive two-hour house tour, Peter noticed something wrong with the residential fire suppression system, aka the sprinkler system. "You know this is turned off, right?" Peter said. The property manager said "Are you sure? How can you tell?" 


Peter explained how to read the manual ball valves, as they clearly indicated to him that there was no pressure to the individual sprinkler heads. The bottom line –if there was a fire, the sprinkler would not function. 


The property manager was thrilled to have this pointed out to him and took action to remedy the situation. The owner of the home was under the false sense of security that he and his family were protected from fire when they weren’t. With Peter’s help they can sleep better at night. 


We re-engaged with a Capital Region broker during Q1 of 2016. We were soon given the opportunity to provide terms for a Platinum Account, a client who had been with Chubb for over 20 years.  


Things started to turn in our favor when the client met Ron Fiamma at a car and was pleased to encounter a fellow “car man” — and, of course, a carrier that could accommodate his extensive vehicle fleet. The client expressed some general dissatisfaction with Chubb but was not ready to move his account.


Throughout the latter half of 2016 and into 2017, our local underwriting and marketing teams continued to check in with the broker with respect to the account—ultimately providing refreshed terms in advance of a July 2017 renewal date. The client was extremely pleased with our UW flexibility and pricing. The underwriter team then worked closely with the broker to seal the deal. 


The six-figure Platinum account was bound effective July 1. Kudos to Kathy Silverman and Lisa Gelles for their persistence in winning this account!

Jim Moore and Angela Thomas are rock stars for helping retain an important client. The family office managing the account had been asked to give Chubb a fair shot at the business due to a personal relationship the client has with their CEO. 


We heard about the heightened competition during a table set meeting with the broker. Jim and Angela worked together to get our best terms out, making sure to point out everything we do for the client outside of the policies as well—from Art Collection Management, Risk Management Services, our claims handling, and even an ex gratis claim paid on the client’s mom’s jewelry.


Armed with these details, the broker was able to present a compelling case to the client’s family office on why AIG was the right choice. And the family ultimately agreed. 

Nathan Rombalski, Auto Claim Adjuster, Stevens Point

“I’m the Business Manager working with Nathan on the referenced claim. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know he’s been fantastic to work with!  He’s thorough, and the response time (which is very quick) has helped me feel like he’s walking side by side with me on this issue —which in turn has allowed me to help the client feel confident in the process. I know it’s often the case that people email because they have a complaint so I wanted to turn the tables and email because of excellent customer service. Thanks!!”


Laura Schmoll, Auto Claim Adjuster, Stevens Point

“You have been a dream to work with and made this whole thing very easy and pleasurable to go through. Thanks for all your courtesy and assistance in getting me through this matter.”


Marla Howey, Auto Claim Adjuster, Schaumburg

“Thank you so much for getting this expedited and paid in such a short timeframe. [The client] is truly appreciative of the high quality service AIG provides and this scenario simply reaffirms that appreciation.  Thank you again for all your great work in making this as painless as possible!”


Chris Parker, Auto Claim Adjuster, Schaumburg

“Thank you so much for your update and for the supplemental payment. I really appreciate how helpful and professional you and all of AIG have been throughout this process. It has made a difficult situation much more manageable. I thank you again for your all your help and all you've done.”


Jennifer Doty, Property Claim Adjuster, California

“Next time I moan about the premiums I will remember how efficient you've been and how professionally you handled this small claim. Many thanks and much appreciation for your assistance. It takes the sting out of an unpleasant experience.”


Brian Mack, Chris Korbel, Shirley Biggs – Auto and Property Adjusters in Schaumburg

“I wanted to make sure you were aware this account stayed whole after this renewal. Shirley, Chris and Brian played an integral part given the recent claims activity. Thank you to you and the claims team for providing the service this account needed. Two of the [family members] had claims in the last year, and I’m certain the way we handled the claims helped us retain this account.”  


Mike Matson, Property Claim Adjuster, Schaumburg

From the broker: “Three cheers for AIG! Well done. I frequently tell my clients that you guys are the best. Now they get to see for themselves. Thank you for taking good care of our clients.”


From the client: “I appreciate how quickly you handled and resolved this issue. We have never used our policy before (and truthfully this is my first AIG experience as I had Chubb in the past) but this really is quite an exceptional experience - communicative, easy and direct. Again thank you for your help.”


Rich Smacchia, Property Claim Adjuster, New York

“I wanted to let you know what a fine claims adjuster Rich Smacchia is. I have worked with him for at least 14 years now.  We just recently (yesterday) completed a claim which was reopened for one of my high profile/high net worth clients, and that client could not be more pleased with the outcome. Rich’s diplomacy when it comes to handling high profile clients is unsurpassed. He makes me shine with my clients, and my hat is off to him.”


John Makris, Property Claim Adjuster, New York

“Thank you for all your help and your patience!  Although I wish I hadn't had this claim, it was a pleasure working with you.”


Michael Tress, Property Claim Adjuster, New York

“I continue to be beyond pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and forthrightness of the AIG claims process. If you ever need me to provide some kind of consumer testament to your product generally, and to your work in particular, you should let me know.”


Keep the Kudos Coming!

If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague to be recognized, please email Considerations for publication include activities such as acquiring a professional designation or advanced educational degree, receiving a recent insurance industry award, accomplishing a significant philanthropic or charitable endeavor, or reaching a milestone (5-year, 10-year, etc.) AIG work anniversary.