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Risk Management Services

The heart of wildfire protection

Our Wildfire Protection Unit mitigation specialists are most known for helping policyholders prepare for wildfires and visiting properties to enhance protection in the face of an oncoming wildfire. It’s not always about safeguarding structures and landscaping, though. When wildfires occur, our mitigation specialists are prepared to handle any and all situations with expert professionalism and compassion. Here’s one recent example that demonstrates just that:

The Detwiler Fire resulted in evacuations for residents in and around Mariposa, California in late July. Our Wildfire Protection Unit was deployed and conducting property visits in at-risk areas.

Mitigation Specialists Mike Forster and Arthur Guerrero were visiting a policyholder’s property when they came upon dozens of unattended farm animals—30 cows, 20 pigs, five horses and four dogs to be exact. The animals’ water troughs were empty, and Mike and Arthur knew the water supply had been shut off in the area. Temperatures reached over 95 degrees that day and the animals were at serious risk without water.

Using approximately 100 gallons of water from the tank on the Wildfire Protection Unit truck, they filled up as many troughs and water basins as possible. Although some of the troughs had cracks and could not hold water for long, the animals all hurried over for a drink. 

In addition to providing water, Mike and Arthur searched the property for food for the animals and made contact with animal control to notify them that there were animals unattended on the property.

Mike Forster (left) and Arthur Guerrero carry buckets of water to pigs while responding to properties during the Detwiler Fire in California.