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Empathy fosters stronger relationships

Although our success as a business is most often determined by dollars, percentages and ratios, there are other measures that are just as important. Among those is the quality of the relationships we build with our producers and clients.

We recently kicked off an initiative to help all of us deepen our understanding of our producers and clients. Our commitment to these stakeholders has always been at the forefront of strategic decisions, and we want to ensure that it also plays out in everyday actions. To reinforce the people behind our transactions, we created posters featuring several prominent producers. They are displayed in PCG offices in San Diego, Berkeley Heights, Schaumburg, New York and Manila.  These “Behind the Briefcase” profiles (two samples are shown below) personify the partners and relationships that are vital to our success. 

We gave each participating broker a framed copy as a token of appreciation, and they also see great value in this initiative:

“What a great idea to showcase your [partners] to your colleagues to insight empathy and passion for your clients.  Based on your great idea, we are going to try something similar in hopes that it will make the clients more tangible to those who work behind the scenes and provide insight into the clients’ purpose, culture and approach. Thank you for including us; we are proud and thankful to be a part of the AIG family of partners!”

—Laura Sherman, Founding Partner, Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners


“What a wonderful surprise and honor to receive the framed picture profile of Hoffman Brown Company. We have proudly displayed it in our Café for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for all of the effort and hard work that went into this meaningful outreach. We value our relationship with AIG Private Client Group and wish you continued success...”

—Steven Brown, President Hoffman Brown Company


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