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Take charge of Your Learning Journey

At AIG, we believe in experience-based career development that emphasizes the journey as much as the destination. The 70/20/10 learning and development model, developed by Morgan McCall and his colleagues at the Center for Creative Leadership, uses this ratio for optimizing learning and development.  Challenging assignments and job related experiences should account for 70% of time, social learning and developmental relationships 20%, and coursework and formal training at 10%.  While experiential learning and learning from others accounts for 90 percent of what people know, formal learning provides a solid foundation to build development.  Well-designed coursework and training has an amplifier effect – clarifying, supporting and boosting the other 90%.

One of the key findings from last year’s “Your Input – Our AIG” survey was that employees place high value on career development and would like more learning and training opportunities.  As a response, a new learning and development page, Your Learning Journey launched on Contact on April 12.  The page offers all of AIG’s learning tools in one place, giving employee’s access to the full scope of training that is available. It features video libraries, articles, and self-guided webinars on topics from resilience and presentation skills to insurance industry essentials, including the PI and Claims Universities.  You can also access professional development tools such as Conversational Excellence and Compelling Careers.  Recognizing that the majority of learning is through experiences, these programs provide tools and resources that enable employees and their managers to have meaningful career conversations.

Your Learning Journey is a one stop destination for learning where you can build your 70/20/10 plan.  The content will be regularly updated and the “coming soon” section shows what is coming and when.  Be sure to visit often...your learning journey never has to end.