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Protecting Passions

It’s not insuring the horse, it’s addressing a lifestyle

 In our second year of sponsoring The International Omaha, an annual horse show in Omaha, NE, we are already seeing the benefits of the AIG brand in this very special high net worth niche. Held just a few weeks ago, this is one of ten horse show sponsorships that PCG has committed to this year.

But we don’t insure horses, do we? No, we don’t. Our Equine practice has been built over the past six years around the lifestyle and needs of this group of horse owners, trainers and riders in the hunter and jumper disciplines. This is a “passion sport” for these families, who are a wonderful reflection of our largest and most profitable customers. Our focus remains on their traditional insurance needs, using our core products and risk management services, but with close attention to the unique risks that these families  face with the ownership of horses and the related exposures.

How do we know this is working for us? Like our sponsorship of any passion interest of our clientele, the equine sponsorships require a personal commitment. Our team spends time meeting customers in person, getting to know them on a one-on-one level, and letting them see a personal side of an otherwise “impersonal” insurance company. This works. Our return on investment from our largest sponsorship with HITS ( has met our goals and facilitated meaningful business relationships with participants at these shows.

As an example, we recently won a Platinum account in the San Francisco area as a result of a personal relationship we developed with an individual through a horse show sponsorship. This did not just entail winning the business, but also earning her trust through a potentially difficult claim process. The value of the relationship, matched with our coverage and high level of service, turned her into a very satisfied client.