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Kudos Corner

Congratulations to...

Pat Lebon, Client Advisor, Client Assist Team – Schaumburg, was recently appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Private Risk Management Association (PRMA), and on top of that was just named as their Secretary. PRMA is a national association for high net worth/private client insurance. Pat is the first PCG employee elected to the board. She has served as co-chair of the PRMA Annual Summit planning committee and was instrumental in organizing the agenda for the event, which had roughly 300 attendees from the HNW industry.

While the NYC Underwriting Team operated on a temporarily short-staffed basis throughout Q1, Mike Pelak, Underwriting Technician – NYC Region, took on expanded responsibilities across both Underwriter Technician and Underwriter functions.  Mike worked many late nights keeping up with extremely high work volumes in order to make sure the needs of the underwriters and brokers he supports were all met with exceptional quality. A lot of Mike’s work throughout the last few months required him to learn on the fly and really challenge himself en route to phenomenal results and improved broker relationships that will have a lasting benefit to the region.

AIG Corporate Communications recently received two marketing awards for our efforts to build awareness of the need for cyber security. Andrea Stein, Vice President of Marketing Communications, collaborated with colleagues across multiple business areas and ensured that Jordan Arnold of K2 Intelligence, our partner vendor for addressing personal cyber concerns, was among the experts quoted. Click below to learn more:

New business win (Central Zone)

We recently won a $550K account that had been with Chubb over the past 10 years. We had quoted the account with another broker for many years, but we did not win it until Celedinas took control of the account this year. There are 9 US properties along with locations in the Bahamas, and the Yacht team is handling some watercraft exposures as well.

The people involved with underwriting the account are: Jason Walstrom, Mike Silverman, Jake Brandenburg, Allison Apke and Brian Link.

From RMS, Cameron Strothman helped with fire protection for several properties and Peter Digiovanni assisted with the Platinum Services.

Robert Haibi helped with commission side to secure the account,


Renewal success – our largest account (Western Zone)
Internal message from Underwriter Jim Moore, who also deserves a congratulations:

“I want to thank Laurie Eaton for all of her great work in organizing this large account for my review; this was key to getting them the renewal terms three months prior to the expiration date as requested.  Like all of our UTs, Laurie is a busy person and she focused on this account for several weeks to get it set up for renewal.

Chris Walsh and Ron Fiamma once again provided great Collections terms, which are the main focus of this insured and his family office manager -- and that is always important to winning this renewal.

Thanks also to Dawn McCauley and Nicole Duffy for their advice and helping to speed up the approval process. We were able to move closer toward our profitability goals on this account and still provide the client with great renewal terms.

There are a lot of carriers that would like to take on this account, but once again we have shown that AIG is the preeminent carrier for high net worth clients.”

Additional kudos for this win goes to Willy Hammond, Josy-Anne Tanguay and Matt Cliszis.

Water damage is the theme of the stories we’re highlighting this quarter:


Ted Deveraux, Technical Specialist and Risk Manager, Phoenix AZ

Ted was assigned to complete an assessment of a new piece of PCG business. It turned out, however, that at the last minute the insured was unable to attend the inspection. The insured provided Ted with the access code to the residence so he could complete the inspection. During his visit, Ted noticed that the fire sprinkler system in the home had been turned off and the system was not pressurized. Ted called the insured, who was not aware that the sprinkler system was not operational. The insured was new to the area, so Ted provided him with the name and phone number of a local sprinkler contractor. A week later, the insured called Ted to thank him for letting him know about the sprinkler system and for the referral to help. The system is now fully operational, and the insured can sleep easy knowing that his family is protected against fire.


Jeff Lounsbery, Senior Risk Manager in the Mid-Atlantic States

While inspecting a $3 million home, Jeff discovered ornate wood art finishes that had driven the price per square foot up to $2,200. Jeff strongly suggested a whole home monitored water shut-off system and provided a description of the different types of systems. Not long after, Jeff confirmed that the system had been installed and is actively monitoring water flow throughout this one-of-a-kind home. This is a great win for our water leak detection and shut off initiative. 


Anne Martin, Technical Specialist and Risk Manager, Westchester County, NY

During a recent inspection, Anne met with a client who recently purchased and finished updating a home originally built in 2007. The client was keenly interested in how best to protect his investment, especially after a lengthy remodel. Anne immediately brought up the importance of protecting the home against water damage. She explained how an automatic water shut-off valve works and why it is the best way to provide whole-house protection. The client thought it was a no-brainer. He is now working with Water Security Solutions (AIG’s water concierge) to install a FloLogic automatic water shut-off system. He said he had never heard of this type of system previously. He’s putting one in his home and will recommend them to his friends who have had water losses.


John Woolley, Technical Specialist and Risk Manager, Seattle WA

During a recent inspection, John discovered a leaking hot water heater. The home was built in 2004 and the water heater appeared to be original to the home. There was a drip pan under the water heater, but it was not connected to a drain and was overflowing the edges. The insured shut off the water to the leaking water heater and was advised to call his plumber and have the water heater replaced. The insured did just that and also took the opportunity to proactively replace a second water heater of similar age in another part of the home. Water loss averted.

Deb Bertone, Casualty Claim adjuster – Berkeley Heights
Email from a customer:

“Over the last six years, AIG has covered me on a claim, and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the support I received from AIG and in particular my claims specialist Debra Bertone.

The claim, brought in January 2012, resulted from a lawsuit based on false medical accusations. It was a very complicated case, made even more so by false criminal accusations and a good deal of media attention. In short, most insurers would have taken the easy way out, insisting on a quick resolution by writing a check. Despite a slew of reasons not to, Ms. Bertone agreed to resist a quick settlement. I felt she truly listened to me, hearing and understanding why settling the case early would potentially cause me huge damage. In addition, she showed incredible openness and flexibility allowing me: 1-to hire my own attorney to defend me and counter sue; 2-hire an appeals attorney when a ruling by a judge went against us. Her other accommodations are simply too many to list.


Neither Debra nor AIG was required to provide this level of support. The result, however, was that we won the counter suit, we won the appellate case, and we ended the original lawsuit without paying anything. Needless to say, I am deeply moved by the freedom Ms. Bertone and AIG allowed for me to decide my own fate. I am also truly grateful for Ms. Bertone’s tireless almost inhuman commitment to me and my case.  I remain in your debt and the debt of AIG.”


Alan Cooke, Damage Appraiser – New York
Email from a collector car customer relationship:

“I am writing this letter to show my appreciation and pass along my experience with Alan Cooke. Over the past 7 years, Alan has solely handled all my customer’s claims, whom are all high profile clients, with Ferrari racing cars.

On each and every claim, Alan has showed professionalism, organization, and speediness to complete each claim to our clients. In addition, his ability to understand our niche business of Ferrari racing cars versus street cars has been valuable in our customer retention. Each of the clients we share has been more than pleased with AIG, and specifically with Alan’s representation of the company.


…I have been in this business of Ferrari Racing for more than 8 years, as well as street car repairs. I have dealt with many adjusters during this time, and I can recognize top talent. Alan is top talent and should be recognized. Thank you for having Alan represent AIG to our clients and their needs.”

Jack D’Ambrosio, Property Claim Adjuster – Canada

Email excerpt from a customer:

“Thanks for your email and the update. I appreciate the excellent care, attention and timeliness that you and the team at Paisley Manor have provided in addressing our claim.”


Leslie Deneen, Auto Claim Adjuster – Schaumburg

Email excerpt from a customer:

“I am writing to commend your outstanding and committed employee, Leslie A. Deneen! She went over and beyond to help me...Her calm, patient manner was a great help to me. Leslie was always up on top of what was going on with the claim and it seemed like we knew each other forever, her friendliness showed through the line on the phone! I have been deeply impressed, pleased, thankful, and appreciative of Leslie's work and time that went into helping us with this claim!  She is a true asset to your company and I believe she needs to be praised, commended, and appreciated for all her hard work!” 


Elizabeth Duenas and Diane Gasior, Auto Claim Adjusters – Schaumburg

Email excerpt from a customer:

“The guys at the collision shop all said great things about the insurance they have ever experienced...I already passed your name to a few Ferrari and Cup car guys.”


Chris Gudgeon, FNOL representative – Stevens Point
Excerpt of an email from Marsh:

I wanted to take a moment to share with you the superior service Chris Gudgeon provided for a mutual client that was in a compromised position after being involved in a single rollover accident. Between Chris and I, we were able to arrange for a rental car, although there was not one available where he was located….Chris was compassionate and never said he could not help.  He did everything he could to ease the situation for the insured….Thank you for providing the extra value that our partnership is all about!”


Mike Matson, Property Claim Adjuster – Schaumburg
Email excerpt from a customer:

“…This was a tough assignment because of the thousands of properties lost and damaged and it came right after the hurricanes in Houston and Tampa. [Our field adjuster] was professional, very responsive and just easy to work with. We got our claim paid quickly and very fairly. I know many of my neighbors are having a really bad experience with their insurance companies, and I keep telling them to switch to AIG.


The desk adjuster was Mike Matson He was also great. He gave us the name of two restoration companies and gave us permission to get them working even before Don was able to get here. When I called they told me they had a huge waiting list but when I said AIG was our insurer they put us at the top of the list and we were the first people in our subdivision to get back into our home. You have a great company with super people. Please tell everyone thanks for me.”


Melissa Prindiville, Auto Claim Adjuster – Schaumburg

Email from a customer:

“Just to follow up on this claim and let you know that AIG did a great job and I am very pleased.  Melissa Prindiville was first class, very prompt, very professional, and very helpful. She made this difficult process much easier and much less painful than it could have been. Thank you for teeing it all up for me.  I really appreciate your help.”


Western Zone Claims Team

During the first quarter of the year, this team handled above normal caseloads to ensure that insureds with claims from the 2017 hurricanes and wildfires were handled properly. In addition, they were assigned losses from the January mudflows in Montecito, and additional losses from the Northeastern ice storms. Thanks for all your hard work!

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