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Risk Management Services

Vetting and partnering with the best inspection vendors

AIG Private Client Group takes great pride in the specialized personal risk management we provide to our clients. Our relationship typically starts with an inspection visit from either an internal seasoned risk manager or a vetted vendor partner. Although we’d like to personally visit all the homes we insure, logistically it’s not always feasible. This initial interaction and education about our risk management philosophy may be the only touch point our clients have with us, so we put utmost importance on hiring best-in-class third party vendor inspectors.

Our goal is to maintain a vendor inspection force that interacts with our clients professionally and provides accurate valuation/risk information to underwriting in the same manner as our internal risk managers. Here are some guidelines we adhere to:

  • Hire vendor companies with the most experience in high value inspections.
  • Use the top performing 20% of their inspectors (averaging seven years of experience).
  • Require inspectors to take our PCG training courses.
  • Ensure adherence to our best practices guidelines that outline professionalism, report writing, valuation and risk requirements.

Internally, we employ vendor coordinators who have an average of 10 years of experience auditing inspections, training vendors on new guidelines and answering inquiries from clients, brokers and underwriters. The vendor coordinator team reviews the quality of each vendor inspector on a monthly basis. They ask our vendor partners to train select inspectors or have individuals taken off our preferred list if concerns arise.

Although the current process is efficient and meets the high standards we require, we continually are looking for ways to improve upon the service we provide to our clients. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Gauri Patel, VP, Home Office and Technology Manager. If you have an inquiry regarding a particular inspection, please visit the RMS section of the Intranet and complete an inspection dispute form. It will then be directed to the appropriate individual and be used for training purposes.