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Call-back technology dials up our responsiveness

We know our brokers’ and clients’ time is valuable, and conducting business with them needs to be done with maximum efficiency. To honor that commitment, we recently introduced a new option when calling our PCG phone numbers.

When a call is made to the contact center, the caller is now given a call-back option. If he/she is unable or does not wish to wait for the next available representative, our contact center team can call back. The caller simply follows the prompts that ask for the best available telephone number and awaits a return phone call. PCG clients have been using this new service for over a month and the response has been very positive.

Call-back technology allows us to not only give clients and brokers a more convenient option, it also helps us reduce our abandon rate (when someone hangs up the phone before connecting with one of our team members). Our internal goal is to achieve an abandon rate of 5% or less. After implementing the technology, we are pleased to be achieving that goal consistently.

Additionally, we were able to eliminate the need for voicemail, which needed to be monitored, retrieved, triaged and then returned. The trained representatives who previously held those responsibilities are now available to handle the next caller on the line. This helps us reduce our average speed to answer. More representatives taking calls means a quicker speed to answer calls and ultimately a shorter hold time—a win-win for everyone.