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Customer Office

Leveraging a range of insights to improve customer experience

No matter what AIG Private Client Group department you are in, the theme of “customer focus” is part of your day-to-day activities. Teams often talk about how they service existing clients and explain ways in which they exceed expectations. If we want to continue to perform on this level, however, we need to stay plugged into what matters most to all of the external audiences we serve.  This means leveraging insights on an ongoing basis.

The Customer Office regularly partners with various teams across PCG and Personal Insurance as a whole to solicit input and feedback from independent agents, policyholders and prospects. Rather than make assumptions, we use a variety of tactics to gather insights about our high net worth clientele, including:

  • Transaction-based surveys (e.g., after closing a claim)
  • Interviews and pre-interview questions
  • Net Promoter Score and Voice of Producer surveys
  • Third-party usability tests of the PCG Client Portal, which is under development
  • Insurance-related findings from wealth managers
  • Other anecdotal feedback, including email exchanges and telephone conversations

Applying the findings from these varied methods and sources is not limited to improving the customer experience and enhancing loyalty. This research can be utilized to enhance the AIG Private Client Group brand, refine strategies, innovate products, enhance technology, (check out the Operations business update for exciting information about the new call back technology), and improve processes, just to name a few.

AIG Private Client Group will continue to leverage these traditional methods for gathering insights. In addition, we will be evaluating the possible use of other methods for soliciting information about potential customers and their specific wants and needs, such as online communities, focus groups, and others. We’ll keep you informed as these programs develop.