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Risk Management Services

Real-time reporting when disasters strike

AIG Private Client Group’s state-of-the-art intelligence center for natural disaster tracking is powered by RedZone Software LLC. For years we have used this resource to assess potential client vulnerabilities and direct the activities of our internal teams, but we are now able to extend this visibility to our brokers with an exciting new tool called Agent Alert. 

Agent Alert is a proprietary web-based application that puts tracking capabilities for wildfires, hurricanes and earthquakes directly in our brokers’ hands. Their view of the data is limited to their own in-force AIG client roster. In addition to mapping where clients’ homes are situated in relation to natural disasters, brokers can proactively communicate with clients through the tool using a set of programmed messages.

Our Loss Prevention team spent over a year collaborating with RedZone to build out this unprecedented capability. Agent Alert is now live and available to an extended pilot group of 70 brokers (it’s accessed through our Producer Business Center). We are working toward a nationwide launch and will keep you informed of our progress. As the pilot wraps up, we will continue to gather feedback and suggestions for future releases.

The Agent Alert dashboard offers extensive features to participating brokers, including:

  • Interactive map showing their AIG policies overlaid with active storm track or wildfire perimeters 
  • List of current fires/storms, ranked by potential policy impact 
  • Deployment status for our Wildfire Protection Unit
  • Multiple search options (by current incidents, historic events or by address)
  • Policy exposure lists ordered by distance to event
  • Individual policy details such as insured name, address, TIV, contact information 
  • Ability to generate policyholder emails with a custom personal messages and status updates on their homes

View a demo of Agent Alert here!