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The Voice of Producer program: learning by listening

Last year, AIG Private Client Group implemented a Voice of Producer (VOP) survey initiative to help us better understand the experiences and perspectives of the independent agents and brokers who represent us. This disciplined approach enables us to devise Net Promoter Score benchmarks across critical areas of our operations. It also helps us more definitively measure overall satisfaction, a producer’s likelihood to recommend AIG, and how we compare to other insurance providers. Armed with these insights, we can strengthen our external relationships, identify growth and retention opportunities, and prioritize strategic investments.

In 2016 we delivered the VOP survey to approximately half of our producers across the U.S. They were selected at random but with an even geographic mix. In March 2017, we reached out to the remaining half. Respondents can choose to remain anonymous or provide more personalized commentary.

The 2016 feedback served as the catalyst for establishing nine work streams to enhance customer loyalty and the overall customer experience. The launch of the Consumer Insurance Platform (CIP) also addresses various pain points identified during the 2016 VoP survey, including:

  • Providing additional installment payment options
  • Enabling recurring electronic and credit card payments
  • Streamlining invoices 
  • Granting producer access to claims notes and commission statements
  • Enabling use of prior inspections
  • Automating pre-fill for Auto and Home
  • Automating underwriting rules
  • Improving error messaging

We will perform the same thorough analysis with the second wave of responses, and we’ll repeat the entire VOP process every six months.