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Kudos Corner

Congratulations to...

After each Wildfire Protection Unit consultation, a post-inspection survey is sent to homeowners. Here are some sample responses we’ve received to the question, “What could we do to improve your experience with the Wildfire Protection Unit?” 

“They couldn't have done a better job. I appreciated their professionalism and their visit!”


“Your selection of specialists has always been kind and well informed and helpful. Using trained firefighters as specialists is a wise choice and much appreciated. Thank you.”


 “I can’t think of anything that would improve this experience. The inspectors were friendly, professional and informative.”


 “Nothing! Everything was fantastic!”


“Not a thing. It was an easy, professional experience.”


 “The experience was excellent. There is nothing I would change.”


 “Not a thing! They were PERFECT!!!”


Kudos to our Wildfire Protection Unit on this feedback and as the team’s great work continues with the recent fires burning in California.  

We previously insured three large yachts for a particular client since 2012. When it came time for the 2017 renewal, the broker and client could not overlook added premium savings offered from a competitor. We understood their needs and parted ways on good terms. This year at renewal, the broker called asking for market advice. She disclosed that some coverages with the other carrier were being removed, which caused her concern.


After an in-depth discussion, review of our last renewal, and minor sharpening and tweaks, we received the order to move forward—all without even having to work up formal terms. Total premium for the three yachts (hull only) came to $395,000.


Winning back this account is a testament to AIG’s long-term yacht market strategy and our ability to maintain strategic relationships. While it was tough to see the account move in 2017, our commitment to hold firm on where we need to be from a terms and condition standpoint allowed us to get a good win back just 18 months later.


Congratulations to Sean Blue, Global Head of Watercraft, and Craig Dunstan, Yacht Underwriting Manager, for making this win possible.

Sharla Castro, Auto Adjuster, San Diego

From a client:

“Yes!  Car is there and the other vehicle’s owner wrote me a check.  You were awesome and thank you again for all of your help.  Send me any survey and I will gush!!”

Deb Bertone, Casualty Adjuster, Berkeley Heights

From a client:

“...I really need to let you know how great Ms. Bertone is at her job...She has gained our trust and respect and  I have been treated with courtesy every step of the way. I feel very informed but also advised since this is not something I have a lot of experience with. It is so refreshing to work with people that do their job well!!!!”

Bonnie Reed
, Yacht Adjuster, Berkeley Heights

From a client:

“From the very beginning, Bonnie has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Being that this is my first “lighting strike” insurance claim, I had no idea the ordeal that I was about to endure. I am now on my fourth month of troubleshooting electrical gremlins. It seems that each time we fix a problem, another presents itself. Because of this, keeping track of the repairs and payouts has been an absolute nightmare. Bonnie has gone above and beyond assisting me with this entire process.


...Bonnie exemplifies all aspects of what a top-tier employee should strive to be. Courteous, understanding, and professional are all qualities that she has demonstrated to me time and time again.  I cannot sing her praises enough and will always remain an AIG customer, as long as you employee people as amazing as Bonnie!”


Laura Schmoll, Auto Adjuster, Stevens Point, WI

From a client:

“...It is very rare that I send this type of communication, but I thought it might be the best way to recognize the superior service and efforts I received from Ms. Schmoll with respect to my claim. Her efficiency in not only taking care of my claim for damage to my car, but her speed in dealing with the person whose car I hit was magnificent. I have never felt better about having my insurance with AIG than I have been over the past two-three weeks. Ms. Schmoll was professional, knowledgeable and thorough. As a customer of an insurance company, you cannot ask for more.


Thank you for having claim analysts like Ms. Schmoll. I am a very grateful customer.”

During a recent inspection of a $6.3 million home, Bobby Terry, Risk Management Services Regional Manager, noticed something wrong with a water heater in a small closet. It was badly corroded at the bottom and actively leaking. The leak had breached the catch pan and was beginning to saturate adjacent drywall. Bobby pointed this out to the homeowner, who immediately called the plumber to correct the issue. The homeowner thanked Bobby for conducting such a thorough inspection of the home and identifying damage in a room that the homeowner admittedly never goes into. Left unattended, this had the potential to cause extensive damage to this home. Nice job, Bobby!

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