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Progress report: technology investments for our clients

There are dozens of improvements we could make to augment the experience of being a PCG customer, and not all of them carry the same degree of cost or infrastructure change. But we define our priorities by the feedback we receive from brokers and clients. The features and functionality that most dramatically impact their satisfaction move to the top of the list whenever possible.

With that in mind, bill payment continues to rank highest among our priorities. In our last newsletter and on Jerry’s last quarterly webcast, we reported on the successful launch of Express Bill Pay functionality for policyholders. More and more people are taking advantage of this intuitive online option. We’ve processed more than 17,000 transactions and nearly $60 million in premium since the launch on June 25—and those numbers keep climbing.  We are now forging ahead with additional capabilities related to online bill payment within a logged-in environment.

Findings from our annual Voice of Producer survey are driving the sequence of activities to follow, and ultimately these features will come together in a secure portal for our clients. As we shared previously, the upcoming improvements include:

  • Enabling recurring payments—The PCG client portal will soon allow policyholders to view billing documents online and enroll in auto-pay to schedule future payments.
  • Reducing the paper we mail—The PCG client portal will enable online access to policy documents, and clients will be able to set their preferences on how documents are delivered.
  • Enabling clients to check the status of their claims—A real-time view of claim progress will greatly reduce the need for routine phone calls to busy adjusters.
  • Expediting our ability to send timely information—The PCG client portal will empower our customers to choose how they prefer to be contacted by us.  Their preferences may include communicating directly with our clients via phone, email and/or text messaging.

Our next Voice of Producer survey has just been sent on October 29th, and we will continue to adjust or elevate priorities based on the input we receive. If you have any questions about the survey or our PCG client portal developments, please contact