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Why goal setting matters

 “I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.” —Michael Phelps

AIG is kicking off the goal-setting period for 2018. You may have noticed that the timing of goal setting has shifted, which now allows for goals to be set just prior to the beginning of a new year. Before you begin the process of formulating and documenting your goals, we’d like to remind you why this is important.

Setting goals provides a clear view of what is expected—personally, within a team and organizationally. That’s not just something we believe in here at AIG, it’s been proven: A study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews of Dominican University of California looked at the importance of written goals, accountability and commitment. The study concluded that individuals who wrote down goals, shared goals with others and sent regular progress updates achieved significantly more than those who did not write down their goals.   

Goal setting within PCG provides purpose, alignment, increases motivation and improves group cohesion. For example, last year in his third quarter webcast, Jerry Hourihan stated that focusing on new products and services was a priority for the remainder of 2016 and 2017. During that time PCG launched Family CyberEdge coverage and travel assistance services—industry-leading efforts that involved collaboration in all areas of our business.

Now that you’re motivated to get your goals in writing, talk with your manager about maximizing your performance in 2018, and visit Contact for more information. Also, keep in mind that your goals may change during the year to adapt to your role and PCG’s business needs.