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What it takes to “operate” in Operations


PCG Operations consists of four field offices: Berkeley Heights, Schaumburg, San Diego and Manila. Each location supports our underwriting and marketing efforts, fulfills quote proposals and handles a myriad of other requests. Employees handle thousands of transactions each week—everything from helping a broker with a routine system question to troubleshooting a sensitive client issue.

Given the wide range of responsibilities, those who manage this workload need to be on top of their game at all times. Here’s a glimpse into what it takes to become part of this elite team…

After an account analyst is hired, he or she attends rigorous training sessions for up to four weeks. The content includes learning our Customer Insurance Platform (CIP), rates and rules for our products, quoting, issuance or call center processes, and everything else involved with providing customer support.

After formal training, analysts will shadow another staff member on live work until they become proficient in their function. Because there is a wide breadth of knowledge to be transferred, a new analyst can be in this phase of development for several months! Once fully engaged, all staff members are expected to reach monthly productivity and quality goals. Each analyst meets with a manager regularly to review their career path and overall progress.

Operations staff generally know more than one function, and many can seamlessly shift their area of focus as needed throughout the day.  Building this functional redundancy is necessary to weather any unexpected events. Cross-training also provides well-rounded experiences to expand future job opportunities.

The PCG Operations team may function in the background of our day-to-day business, but everyone involved deserves the spotlight when it comes to appreciation. To that effect, our U.S. locations recently got to let off some steam as we recognized National Customer Service Week (pictures below). 

Our Central Zone Operations office was elaborately decorated in the spirit of friendly competition during National Customer Service Week. 

Members of the Service Team Slayers pose before Eastern Zone team competitions.

(Left to right: Jayshri Raval, Jennifer Engo, Lauren Rites, Katy Molina, Craig Stevens, Erica Anaczkowski and Holly Nigro. Not pictured: Nick Casale.) 

Heather Parent, Donna Dickson and Maylynn Morales won second, first and third place respectively after playing a combination of games during festivities in our Western Zone office.