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Pro Bono Program

Leveraging our colleagues’ expertise and commitment to giving back, we provide free legal support and related services to those in need.

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Sharing expertise and support to do what’s right

AIG’s Pro Bono Program launched in 2012 and has steadily expanded globally with volunteers logging more than 5,000 hours in 2022. Over the past decade, the program has united volunteers from around the world to help those in need find justice and build better lives for themselves and their families. Whether that involves helping immigrants escape persecution or helping military veterans obtain the benefits they’re entitled to, the program centers around one of AIG’s core values—allyship.

Key pillars of the program have included immigration, family law, education and mentorship, veterans’ benefits and transgender and non-binary individuals’ rights. In 2020, AIG added criminal and social justice reform as a key pillar. We honor this commitment in part by partnering with leading experts and non-profit organizations, aligning our pro bono work and financial support with their efforts, and using our platform to magnify the positive effects of their projects.

“Access to justice is a prevailing theme of AIG’s Pro Bono Program, and I’m focused on working with my colleagues to make a greater impact on the communities where we work and live.”
Erica Blau, Pro Bono Director and Associate General Counsel

The Pro Bono Program established a partnership with the Be a Coffee Bean Foundation, founded by Damon West, and his wife, Kendell Romero. AIG supports the Foundation’s work, which includes helping incarcerated Black men secure educational degrees and supporting their re-entry into the workplace.

The Program supports the Wrongful Conviction Podcast, hosted by Jason Flom, a founding board member of the Innocence Project and Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Maggie Freleng. With the help of expert attorneys and advocates, Jason and Maggie share stories that educate listeners about the American criminal justice system and shine a light on the organizations and people working to implement reform and ensure that justice prevails.

Since 2012, the Program has partnered with the International Refugee Assistance Project to help 140 refugees in 58 cases find safe, new homes. Many of these cases involve obtaining Special Immigrant Visas for Iraqis and Afghans whose lives are in danger because of their collaboration with the U.S. Military.

The Pro Bono Program partners with Her Justice, a New York City-based non-profit that aims to prevent the perpetuation of abuse and poverty of women. Since the partnership began in 2016, AIG colleagues, including Assistant General Counsel Gordana “Donna” Vasic, have volunteered to help more than 60 women with immigration relief, family law and matrimonial matters.

Being an ally to underserved communities

As Chief Branding & Sourcing Counsel, here’s how AIG’s Michael Avalos gives back to underserved communities and lives AIG’s purpose and values.

How the AIG Pro Bono Program Uplifts Communities in Need

As AIG celebrates the program’s 10-year anniversary, here’s a look back at volunteers’ impacts on society and what’s ahead.

“AIG is committed to giving back to the communities in which its employees live and work and has a deep-rooted culture of helping those most in need. The Pro Bono Program, in which AIG personnel provide free legal services to non-profit organizations and individuals who cannot afford a lawyer, is an integral part of these efforts.”
Eric S. Kobrick, Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, General Counsel, AIG Re & Reinsurance

Improving the lives of veterans

Having grown up with a father who served as a U.S. Navy Captain, AIG’s Patricia Fox talks about her pro bono work providing legal assistance to veterans seeking benefits for their service-connected disabilities.

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