Stakeholder Engagement

Dedicated stakeholder engagement enables informative communications that, in turn, allow us to better understand and more successfully address the ESG challenges and opportunities that are of the greatest concern to these key groups.

Stakeholder Group




Want to assess and at times influence companies’ commitment to ESG strategies because they view ESG issues as material to long-term financial performance and value creation Active, year-round, open dialogue with shareholders, analysts and other related stakeholders through quarterly financial results reporting. Annual Meetings, roadshows, one-on-one calls and meetings, benchmarking, ratings and rankings

Clients and Brokers

Want to manage risks in a dynamic environment, such as the world’s transition to a low-carbon economy Frequent dialogue and communication of research, innovative solutions, learning and other insights


Want to work for employers whose values align with their own, in an environment where they feel they belong and are contributing to the greater good Email, video and intranet content communications; employee networks; working groups; Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), events and programming, and employee surveys

Regulators and Other Officials

Want to ensure firms understand and are properly managing and disclosing their ESG risks  Regulator-driven pilot programs, communication of adapted business operations to align with new regulatory requirements and other dialogue

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Communities

Want businesses to support their ESG missions and play a role in solving societal challenges Charitable contributions, partnerships for civic engagement and knowledge sharing, corporate volunteering and matching grants program to amplify employee donations