Life & Retirement

Focusing on Health and Well-Being

Providing Telehealth Support in the U.K.

Recognizing the need for immediate, high-quality medical and well-being support around the clock, AIG Life Limited, our life insurance arm based in the U.K., offers customers and their families 24/7 telehealth support, including mental health consultations. Delivered through a partnership with global telehealth provider Teladoc Health, our remote healthcare service supported a growing number of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is evidenced by the fact that this program by AIG, Smart Health, was used more than 22,000 times in 2021, double the usage in 2020, and included notable growth in the area of mental health.

In 2021, AIG Life Limited enhanced its underwriting to make it quicker and easier for people who may have suffered with poor mental health to buy protection insurance. The improved terms mean that nine in 10 customers declaring a common mental health condition will be given an immediate "yes" or "no" decision, and we explain our decision to those people we cannot insure. The underwriting language is also simpler and more customer-friendly.


Improving Coverage for Critical Illnesses

In 2021, AIG Life Limited rolled out product innovations in the U.K. to provide simpler, fairer and broader coverage for critical illnesses. By consolidating serious medical conditions under grouped headings that focus on specific surgeries or the impact on a person’s daily life, not the name of the illness, we have enhanced the prospect of a successful claim if a plan participant or family member suffers a serious illness. The Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) Trust, which represents over 3,000 people living with multiple system atrophy in the U.K., welcomed AIG Life’s approach to leveling the playing field for all degenerative neurological disorders: “A move away from an arbitrary list of conditions is a much fairer system for people, and more insurers should be thinking as AIG has,” said Karen Walker, Chief Executive of the MSA Trust. “This innovative approach will give many more people the confidence that if they have a rare and terminal progressive neurological condition, like multiple system atrophy, they will in future be able to claim on their critical illness insurance.” The product innovations received 2021 Financial Services Forum Awards for “Best Innovation to an Existing Product or Service” and “Best Overall Disruption Innovation.”


Enhancing Health and Well-Being in Ireland

Laya Healthcare, which became part of AIG in 2015, provides private medical insurance to over 640,000  members in Ireland, providing some of the most innovative health insurance benefits and services in the Irish health insurance market. Its brand promise, Looking After You Always, represents Laya Healthcare’s member-centric approach, which is fundamental to its vision and values. Laya Healthcare’s vision is to empower its members to look after their health and well-being so they can be at their very best, always, with a key focus on preventative care and early detection of diseases.

According to Laya Healthcare’s research, one in two (50%) people in Ireland put off vital health checks due to fear, concerns around cost and a lack of awareness around access. In response, Laya Healthcare has stepped up to address the barriers to health screening and put in place a series of benefits and initiatives to make it easier for members to access the right healthcare, in the right place and at the right time.

Key initiatives during COVID-19 included providing unlimited access for members to the most in-demand digital healthcare services including consultations with general practitioners, nurses, physical therapists and well-being experts, provided at no additional cost to a member’s cover.  Another major initiative is Laya Super Troopers, a free health homework program that encourages schoolchildren and their families to enjoy a healthier, more balanced lifestyle by focusing on three pillars: nutrition, physical activity and mental well-being. Since Laya launched the program in 2014, it has grown to be the largest program in Irish primary schools, with more than one million children participating in the program.