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Supporting the Energy Transition

The global economy is expected to transition to zero carbon by the second half of this century. We believe that the promotion of diverse energy portfolios is critical to ensuring companies are prepared to complete this transition.

AIG’s holistic approach to the energy transition encompasses all the disciplines we serve, including power generation, upstream/oil rig, mining, oil & petrochemical, renewables and more. Our efforts to support the energy transition focus on evaluating emerging technologies and their risks, exploring stranded assets potential, discovering opportunities for growth and new products and understanding environmental considerations, policy and regulations to better determine how to address risks, loss trends and growth potential.

Our efforts to support the energy transition focus on evaluating emerging technologies and their risks, exploring stranded assets potential, discovering opportunities for growth and new products and understanding environmental considerations, policy and regulations to better determine how to address risks, loss trends and growth potential.

Our energy transition work brings together AIG’s multi-disciplinary resources to service our clients as they move forward in their transition pathways. We have created a central hub for workflow, communication, client-facing relations and one-stop shop access to AIG service offerings in underwriting, risk engineering and claims across all lines of business. This centralization helps us develop risk review processes for renewable energy projects and emerging technologies—such as carbon capture and storage, battery storage and hydrogen—that are consistent across our lines of business. This allows us to reduce risk, improve underwriting fundamentals and establish standardized reporting, including reporting of key performance indicators.