General Insurance

Providing Risk Expertise and Solutions

AIG works in partnership with our clients to help them achieve successful outcomes. Our loss control engineering approach provides clients with unique insights that are driven by our global engineering experience. We work with our clients to develop a customized program designed to identify, mitigate and minimize or eliminate loss exposures. This includes carefully matching project phases and activities to engineers who have relevant sector-specific operational experience (e.g., Upstream Energy, Renewable Energy, Oil & Petrochemical, Power Generation & Utilities, and Mining).

A key part of our client relationships is our ability to help our clients better identify and solve for risks that can jeopardize their projects’ success. AIG’s Risk Engineering Team partners with our underwriting teams and clients to assess risk and create safer, healthier environments by providing technical guidance for risk-based decisions. The team’s risk assessments can encompass all areas of our clients’ operations, including property and product safety, environmental and transportation risks and cyber infrastructure and incident response readiness.

AIG can also harness the expertise of more specialized teams to help clients address specific risk challenges. For example, AIG’s Wildfire Protection Unit is a special risk management resource comprised of trained wildland firefighting professionals. These professionals meet with as many as 2,600 clients each year who have homes in wildfire-prone areas of California, Colorado and Texas. The unit educates our clients on meaningful preventative actions they can take to reduce fire-related risks, including implementing fire resistant landscaping and installing ember-resistant vents. The Wildfire Protection Unit monitors U.S. wildfire activity and, when possible, assists and helps to protect clients facing direct fire threats. These preparations range from moving combustible materials like firewood or debris away from the home or, in extreme cases, applying fire retardant to the exterior of the structure.