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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources will play a significant role in decarbonizing the electricity generation sector.  Per the International Energy Agency (IEA) 2020 Roadmap to Net Zero Report, wind and solar electricity generation is expected to triple by 2030 and increase more than eightfold by 2050. This means that electricity generation from renewable sources is expected to increase from 29% in 2020 to over 60% in 2030 and to almost 90% by 2050, which indicates rapid growth for the renewable energy sector.

AIG recognizes that without insurance, the appetite for taking risks in a new or unproven sector would be dramatically reduced.

AIG offers innovative solutions from beginning to end for these emerging technologies that allow for growth while providing the coverage needed to support the technology and provide security to our clients.

Our role as an insurer of renewable energy and lower-carbon industries helps support the overall market transition to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

AIG strives to be a market leader in the support of renewable energy projects, including offshore and onshore wind, solar, hydro, battery storage, carbon capture and storage and other renewable energy operations. AIG offers multi-line coverage options and risk engineering expertise. 

In 2021, AIG wrote almost $400million of business with renewable industries based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, representing approximately 20% increase since 2019.

1. This is based on an inforce view of gross premiums written as of 04/05/2022.

AIG Energy Differentiators

Specialist expertise

Substantial underwriting, claims and engineering expertise and capacity.

Delivering bespoke solutions for clients’ core businesses and fringe exposures

Wider solutions

Renewables team (Construction and Operation of PV Solar, Off and Onshore Wind and Battery Energy Storage (BESS))

Power and Utilities team — Bioenergy, Geothermal, Hydro and Nuclear

Complimentary lines

Coordinated insurance solutions across: Third Party Liability (Construction & Operation), Marine Cargo, Environmental Impairment (Construction & Operation), Terrorism and D&O

Captive fronting

Can offer alternative risk, indemnity and captive fronting solutions

Support clients in building a longterm, sustainable risk management framework


Drawing on 30+ years experience managing the world’s most complex multinational Energy insurance programs

Access to locally admitted coverage in 200+ countries and jurisdictions

Energy loss prevention

Experienced risk engineers delivering risk assessments, benchmarking and loss prevention services on clients’ sites

Extensive data modeling capabilities

Renewable energy project tax credits

AIG also provides coverage for tax credits available for investments in eligible renewable energy projects, including, but not limited to, solar farms, wind turbines, fuel cell power plants, carbon capture and sequestration.

Such credits include: 1) Investment Tax Credits (ITC), which are designed to partially compensate taxpayers for the cost of installing renewable energy systems; 2) Production Tax Credits (PTC), which are per kilowatt-hour (kWh) tax credits for electricity generated by qualified renewable energy resources and 3) Sequestration Tax Credits (45Q), which are available to taxpayers that capture, store or use carbon dioxide and carbon oxide.

Hydrogen Insurance

AIG provides insurance coverages to construct and operate plants utilizing hydrogen as well as pipelines for hydrogen production and transportation. AIG provides coverages across the hydrogen value chain, including plants, pipelines, underground storage and wells, for various product lines such as property, energy and casualty.

Green Endorsements

AIG offers Upgrade to Green® endorsements that support the energy transition by adding coverage for the increased cost of repairing or replacing covered property damaged by a covered cause of loss using materials, equipment and/or methods that are recognized as being “green.”

AIG provides an insurance support system that both covers our clients in the event of an incident and encourages them to build back “greener”. This product supports and encourages clients to restore their assets after a loss in a more sustainable and “green” manner.

Green endorsements cover the higher cost of environmentally certified materials and equipment—even if the original property and equipment were not green certified.


Tata AIG is an Indian general insurance company that provides a wide range of personal and business insurance products to clients across India. It is a joint venture between the Tata Group and AIG, with Tata Group holding a 74% stake in the company and AIG holding 26%.

Tata AIG’s microinsurance products provide an extra layer of financial resiliency to promote longer-term economic growth and prosperity in areas otherwise deeply affected by poverty. These policies, which provide small-premium and low-limits, are specifically designed to boost the financial and socioeconomic resilience of small and marginal farmers involved with agriculture; farmers involved with horticulture and milch cattle rearing; rural and semi-urban dwellers who have small businesses or work in unorganized sectors with irregular incomes; female members of Self-Help Groups (small groups formed for mutual aid and recognized by the Indian government) and individuals living in the most underdeveloped and disaster-prone regions of the country. For example, to provide the vulnerable farming community with financial resilience against weather and climate risks, Tata AIG launched a project to provide weather insurance coverage to the smallholder farmers engaged in subsistence agriculture across India, funded by InsuResilience Solution Fund (ISF).

Tata AIG has developed many indemnity and health insurance, livestock insurance and personal accident microinsurance products for distribution across rural and semi-urban areas to vulnerable sections of society.