Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

“For AIG, just like most large companies around the world, we have a renewed focus on our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. There is more work to be done – by all of us, including myself. Our commitment to progress is clear, firm, and unwavering. This is truly an exciting time. You have the power to cultivate a culture at AIG that welcomes all colleagues and shapes a workplace where everyone belongs."

Ronald Reeves, Chief Diversity Officer

At AIG, we strive to listen and learn from each other’s unique and diverse perspectives and experiences in our everyday decision making. We stand firm in our commitment to serve as allies to one another, build upon our DEI journey and take actions that lead to lasting, meaningful change.

Our global DEI strategy encompasses three key areas:


Attracting, retaining and developing top diverse talent through our diversity development programs, Early Careers program for new graduates and diverse recruiting.


Fostering and advancing a culture of inclusion and belonging through our Employee Resource Groups, flexible work arrangements, DEI learning, Courageous Conversations series and support of colleague wellness.


Lifting communities by partnering with diverse organizations, supporting corporate social responsibility efforts, seeking supplier diversity and engaging with diverse markets and customers.

Leadership Commitment to DEI

AIG strives to be a diverse organization from top to bottom. Our Board and our Executive Leadership Team are over 40% diverse.

AIG’s Executive Diversity Council (EDC) is tasked with making recommendations and monitoring progress on DEI initiatives as an integral part of AIG’s business strategies. The EDC is comprised of senior-level leaders from around the globe and across AIG businesses and functions.

The 2021 EDC had 36 members, including all members of AIG’s Executive Leadership Team, and is 69% diverse, with women making up 53% of the council and 25% of the council identifying as an underrepresented minority. Peter Zaffino, AIG's Chairman & CEO. The EDC is co-chaired by David McElroy, Chief Executive Officer, General Insurance, and Ronald Reeves, Chief Diversity Officer. Over the past year, the EDC developed and implemented actions, interventions and solutions to advance DEI, including forming new working groups to address equity and inclusion  opportunities with AIG talent through leader-led actions.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

AIG is a proud signatory of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, a pledge that rallies the business community to advance DEI in the workplace by collaborating across organizations and sectors. Peter Zaffino, AIG’s Chairman & CEO, has committed to fulfilling this pledge by taking actions to implement and expand unconscious bias education and make AIG a place where colleagues can have complex conversations about diversity and inclusion.

As part of this partnership, our Senior Vice President for Diverse Client Solutions, Gloria Watson, serves as an AIG Fellow in the CEO Action for Racial Equity initiative. This initiative focuses on identifying, developing and promoting scalable and sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies that advance racial equity, address social justice and improve societal well-being.

Developing & Recruiting Diverse Talent 

AIG believes having a workforce of colleagues with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives is one of our greatest assets. Our colleagues’ differences help us better understand our clients, increase innovation and reduce risk. As we work to build the AIG of the future, we continue to focus on fostering a culture of inclusion that is designed to attract, develop and retain diverse talent. 

As part of these efforts, we carry out external talent mapping to identify diverse talent for all critical positions and produce talent profiles on all insurance industry senior diverse talent. 

In October 2020, AIG established a Diverse Executive Search Policy that provides guidance to senior leaders hiring for executive-level roles. As part of this policy, hiring managers are expected to interview at least one qualified diverse candidate as part of the final slate of candidates. 

Throughout 2021, we continued our efforts to completely align with this policy in our hiring processes. These efforts included establishing partnerships with two U.S. executive search firms that are well known for sourcing talented and diverse executive-level leaders. As a result of these partnerships and our commitment to our slating policy, 99% of eligible candidate slates at the executive level met our diverse slating requirement. 

In addition to aligning with slating requirements, we implemented diverse interview panels to ensure interview panels for leadership roles included leaders from diverse backgrounds. In 2021, 86% of our executive-level interviewer panels were diverse.

In 2021, we also launched the Signature Series: Recruiting for Success, a diversity recruitment training program to source, attract and hire diverse global talent. We also continued to support diverse sourcing and slating to encourage diverse hiring, with 85% of our 2021 interview slates including a diverse candidate. In fact, in 2021, 36% of open executive leadership positions in the U.S. were filled with ethnically diverse talent, 45% of U.S. placements were ethnically diverse and 52% of AIG job placements globally were female. Additionally, AIG’s 2021 global summer intern class was 53% female and our U.S. summer intern class was 51% ethnically diverse.

We offer several programs that provide additional development, mentoring, networking opportunities and training to AIG’s most promising females and under-represented talent. These programs include the Women’s Executive Leadership Initiative (or WELI, launched in 2013), the Executive Men’s Development Initiative (or EMDI, launched in 2016) and the Accelerated Leadership Development Program (or ALD, launched in 2017). AIG’s Women’s Executive Leadership Initiative and Executive Men’s Development Initiative (for men of color) seek to hone executive leadership skills of high-potential employees. Our Accelerated Leadership Development program matches mid-level individuals of color in AIG’s leadership pipeline with senior executive mentors who coach them on essential senior management and executive leadership skills.

In 2021, General Insurance launched its Global Sponsorship Program, which builds upon the Accelerated Leadership Program by intentionally matching mid-level diverse employees with senior leaders across the General Insurance business unit to provide mentorship and leadership training. In Life & Retirement, the Life and Retirement Executive Group, which includes the top 125 leaders in the segment, is also participating in mentoring emerging and diverse talent.

Opportunities to nearly 350 diverse employees globally


of our senior leaders serving as one-on-one sponsors to these programs participants

WELI cohorts

EMDI cohort

ALD cohorts

Diversity Reporting 

As AIG continues to improve diversity within our business, we also are continuously enhancing our reporting of this progress. In 2021, after several years of making a condensed version available, we committed to being even more transparent about our U.S. workforce composition by making our consolidated EEO-1 report publicly available on our company website, beginning with the 2019 and 2020 reports. AIG’s latest EEO-1 reports can be found here.

As shown in Graph 6 below, AIG made meaningful strides in gender representation across our global operations. From 2020 to 2021, our total global gender representation increased by 0.6 percentage points across all employee categories. 55% of our global workforce representation is female.

Representation of all measured underrepresented minority groups - Asian, Black or African American and Hispanic or Latino - improved across the Executive and Senior Management level in the U.S.

of our global workforce representation is female.

More female professionals were hired and promoted, representing more than 50% of all hires and promotions in 2021 as shown in Graph 6

AIG also made great strides in improving minority representation among our colleagues. Representation of Asian, Black and Latino talent improved across the Executive and Senior Management levels in the U.S. by 2 percentage points. 

We also began tracking ethnicity and gender data for new hires, promotions and terminations in the U.S. to allow us to develop deeper insights on representation in our organization.

AIG is successfully navigating the changing generational demographics of the insurance industry's workforce.

Diversity Benchmarking

AIG benchmarks our demographic data against external benchmarks. For example, for underrepresented minority groups in the U.S., we compare our results against most recently available EEO-1 Financial Services data. 

Supporting Global Gender Diversity

In the U.K., AIG piloted a returner’s program to help experienced women transition back into the workplace after a career break.

Creating Awareness & Enhancing Allyship

As part of AIG’s approach to fostering a workplace culture of inclusion and belonging, in 2021 we continued our efforts to raise awareness and provide DEI educational tools to our colleagues.  These efforts included creating and offering training sessions such as our Conscious Inclusion training, which was launched in 2021 to help global people managers better understand unconscious biases and form an action plan for implementing inclusive behaviors. AIG provided Conscious Inclusion training to over 800 managers in 2021 and we are working toward the majority of managers receiving this training in 2022. This interactive training provides our colleagues with new tools and resources to assess unconscious biases more accurately and continually improve the inclusivity of our teams.

We also implemented listening sessions such as our Courageous Conversations series that features candid dialogue on DEI and allyship. In 2021, AIG hosted 106 conversations with more than 8,800 total colleagues about issues affecting efforts to improve DEI. 

The 3E Framework

We refreshed DEI learning opportunities on the company’s intranet with access to courses and guidance materials to promote an inclusive culture at AIG. Our learning content is focused on creating allyship and conquering bias surrounding the “isms” in the workplace and in our communities through our 3E framework. Although corporate actions are critical to building the vision of a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization, it is individual action that makes that vision a reality. 

Other Internal DEI Resources

Other efforts to drive allyship through actions included offering our colleagues impactful volunteer and relevant educational opportunities that also raised DEI awareness. In addition, the dedicated DEI page on our intranet site was viewed nearly 20% more in 2021 than in 2020. On this intranet page, we regularly publish articles that help explain and expand on DEI terminology and concepts, such as microaggressions and intersectionality, to encourage colleagues to act with enhanced awareness in their interactions with colleagues, clients and others in their respective communities. For example, as part of Pride Month in June, we published a guide about pronoun usage and the importance of using correct pronouns and added personal pronouns to global colleague employee email signature templates.

Employee Resource Groups

AIG’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are groups of employees who come together based on shared interests including a specific dimension of diversity and are key to supporting a culture of inclusion and belonging at AIG. In 2021, we saw our ERGs respond to rising social pressures by coming together more than ever to support allyship, intersectionality and wellness. 

AIG has more than 130 ERGs spread across 55 office locations in more than 40 countries. These ERGs are supported by a group of engaged volunteers, including an executive sponsor from AIG’s senior leadership, and most of these ERGs have multiple chapters. Twenty eight percent of AIG colleagues participate in ERGs, with 1,100 of our colleagues offering their time and commitment to lead our global ERG network which enhance inclusion and belonging.  

Our global ERG network is open to all AIG employees and reflects the following 13 dimensions of diversity:

  • Asian Leadership Network
  • Black Professionals & Allies
  • disAbilities & Allies
  • Generations 
  • Interfaith
  • Latino Network
  • LGBTQ+ & Allies
  • Multicultural
  • Middle Eastern
  • Veterans Leadership Network
  • Women & Allies
  • Working Families
  • Young Professionals

Within each ERG, focus is placed on four objective areas: 

Business integration

How ERGs can help the company

Career Development

How ERGs can assist members with professional and career growth

Awareness Education

How ERGs can educate others to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging

Community Enhancement

How ERGs can address needs in the community and society at large

AIG has more than

of colleagues participate in ERGs

Although all activities remained virtual throughout 2021, our Employee Resource Groups have continued to be key vehicles for AIG colleagues to champion active allyship and mental wellness. ERGs also facilitate networking opportunities among colleagues, support career development and mentoring, educate colleagues on DEI and provide volunteer opportunities in our communities. In 2021, AIG’s global ERGs hosted 1,180 total events and programs for colleagues, including more than 500 events and programs focused on allyship and intersectionality and more than 150 events and programs focused on wellness. 

Awards and Recognition

AIG seeks to lead efforts to improve DEI within the insurance industry. In 2021, we earned several external awards and recognition for DEI initiatives we deployed to create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that offers equal opportunities and a sense of belonging to all of our colleagues. 

AIG was named one of DiversityInc’s
Top 50 Companies for Diversity
for the 4th consecutive year

And, for the first time, AIG was named one of their Top Companies for Employee Resource Groups. Our scores on this survey have improved year over year, ranking #37 in 2021, an 18% increase from 2018 (ranked #45). The latest survey also shows that AIG performs above the top 10 companies in Philanthropy. DiversityInc provides the leading assessment of diversity management in corporate America and evaluates human capital diversity metrics, leadership accountability, talent programs, workplace practices, supplier diversity and philanthropy. 

AIG earned a score of 100 on the 2022 Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for the 11th time and the 10th year in a row.

Our high score means we are recognized as a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality.” Hear from our colleagues about how AIG is dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace for the LGBTQ+ community. Click here to watch the video.

AIG received the distinction of being a
“Best Place to Work for
Disability Inclusion.”

This was in our first year of participating in Disability:IN’s Disability Equality Index, a comprehensive corporate disability inclusion benchmarking tool for the Fortune 1000 and Am Law 200 administered by Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities.

2021 Work With Pride Index (Japan)

For the sixth consecutive year, AIG Japan has received PRIDE Index’s Gold rating in its annual “work with Pride” assessment.

2021 Canada’s Top Employers for Young People

For the fifth year in a row, AIG Canada was recognized as a Top 100 Employer for Young People.

Forbes Magazine’s America’s Best Employers for Veterans

Forbes Magazine’s World’s Top Female-Friendly Companies

Strategic Partnerships

AIG partners with and supports several third-party organizations to further talent and DEI strategies. These relationships help us better support talent and DEI initiatives both inside our organization and within our communities. Some of our partners include: