Introducing Side-A Select

Enhanced coverage to address the risks of today’s directors and officers.

Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

Protecting directors, officers, and senior leaders from today’s leading risks.

For more than 40 years, AIG has helped organizations create customized protection for directors and officers against claims by competitors, shareholders, and regulators. Wherever you operate, let’s work together to protect your organization’s greatest asset: your senior leadership.


Directors and Officers Product Details

Primary Directors and Officers Liability

  • Offers broad entity coverage
  • Provides sub-limited coverage for investigative costs arising out of a shareholder derivative demand
  • Applies to covered wrongful acts committed anywhere in the world
  • Automatically adds specified acquired subsidiaries as insureds
  • Provides liberalization to apply certain more favorable terms and conditions from local AIG policies to claims in foreign jurisdictions

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Application for Public Companies

Sample: Public Company Policy

Side-A SelectSM Side-A D&O Liability 

Recently enhanced to go above and
beyond typical Side-A policies to:

  • Extend protection through a per-claim limit structure and optional coverage for additional dedicated limits for specified individuals
  • Expand drop-down coverage to apply whenever corporate indemnification and underlying insurance fails or is refused “for any reason”
  • Offer more coverage, such as broader fines and penalties coverage, explicit coverage for plaintiff attorney’s fees, enhanced pre-claim inquiry coverage, and the availability of separate defense counsel

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Side-A Match Edge® (SAME) Primary D&O Endorsement

  • Provides insureds with the same best-in-class Side-A DIC coverage from the first dollar primary throughout the entire tower
  • By endorsing a primary AIG D&O policy with the SAME endorsement, the Side-A coverage provided by the primary D&O policy will match the breadth of coverage provided by the AIG Side-A DIC policy
  • Available to clients who purchase both primary D&O insurance and any Side-A DIC coverage from AIG (whether lead or follow form)

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Sample: SAME Endorsement

Private and Non-Profit Directors and Officers Liability

D&O litigation against private and non-profit organizations has increased 450% in the past decade. AIG provides broad coverage for both entities and individuals against covered wrongful acts committed anywhere in the world. Our new Side-A Select form enhances the protection available to executives of private and non-profit organizations in several ways, including the following:

  • Side-A Select provides Side-A DIC coverage specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s senior leaders and offers additional dedicated limits for specified individuals when loss from a claim is not indemnifiedspecified individuals when costs ofloss from a claim cannot beis not indemnified
  • Side-A Select includes only a narrow conduct exclusion and does not follow the exclusions section or clause of the primary D&O policy, meaning the Side-A DIC feature may respond when a claim is not covered under the primary D&O policy based on exclusions such as Insured v. Insured, Professional Liability, or BI/PD exclusions        
  • Side-A Select also liberalizes its own terms and conditions so that any more favorable terms and conditions in any Underlying Policy are automatically included

D&O Liability for Non-Profit Entities

D&O Liability for Private Entities

Side-A for Private and Non-Profit Entities

Coverage Benefits

Market Leadership

AIG has been a leader in insuring management liability risks and protecting the leaders of public and private companies, non-profit organizations, and financial institutions for more than 40 years.

Our experience has given us a unique perspective and thorough understanding of these risks, which we employ to help our clients defend against claims that can impact them directly and personally.

Claims Expertise

Our seasoned team of 200 claims professionals handles over 25,000 claims annually. They provide direct access to some of the nation’s most experienced attorneys for valuable strategic assistance in litigating with even the most formidable plaintiffs’ attorneys. Combined, this facilitates prompt case resolution and the best possible claim outcomes.

Multinational Capabilities

AIG’s Passport Master Policy Program extends to Side-A Select. AIG Multinational insureds can obtain Side-A underlyers without incurring additional issuance fees if they already buy a foreign underlyer on an AIG Primary D&O policy. Alternatively, they can procure foreign underlyers at Side-A attachment points without a primary D&O purchase (subject to issuance fees).

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