Day in the Life

Thank you for your interest in a Property Risk Engineering career with AIG.

An Interview with Caroline Arrabal – Field Engineering Supervisor.

My career with AIG began in July 2013 as a loss prevention associate working in the Baltimore/Washington, DC region after I completed my Master’s Degree in Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland. In addition to my typical field survey work, I have also been involved in recruiting and field training of new hires. I was recently promoted to Field Engineering Supervisor. 

To be honest, like most, I hadn’t thought of working in the insurance industry as a career choice. However, AIG visited my university and I attended the presentation. My graduate program was very technically-focused and I always knew that I enjoy working with people. When I learned that I could work strategically and collaboratively with others in the team and with AIG clients, I knew working here would be a good decision. 

When I joined AIG I was in the first class of 15 recently graduated Property Risk Engineers. Because the Property Risk team was so new at the company, my class was able to work with managers as they built the team from the ground-up. Usually entry-level employees don’t have as much input as we did.

It was a unique opportunity for someone who just joined the company, and I think those opportunities continue today as we continue to grow.

When I was a field engineer, I would meet with clients and make observations on their client facilities, making notes on potential issues that I would then capture in a report that can be used as an account engineer. I really enjoy being the face of AIG for our clients – most of whom don’t interact with AIG employees face-to-face except for when they meet with us.

In my current role as a field engineering supervisor, my job has expanded to include both field engineering and managerial responsibilities. I am still performing surveys and writing reports but I also have other field engineers who report to me. My additional responsibilities include trailing engineers in the field, reviewing reports for quality control, and ensuring timely delivery of reports. Also, my involvement in training and recruiting is expanding as I work to grow the field engineering team.

I like the freedom that comes with my role. I’m able to build my own schedule, and because our clients don’t typically interact with many people from the company in person, we’re truly the face of AIG.

We also have ample opportunities to advance through the organization because Property Risk Engineering is such a growth area. There are several paths you can take; for instance, I’m still a field engineer but I also have managerial responsibilities. I also think we get deep training here – something I haven’t seen elsewhere.

AIG is committed to developing an industry-leading team of property risk engineers, and we have AIG’s full backing as we grow the function and its capabilities.