Personal Accident & Health Insurance Plans: Direct Marketing

What is Direct Marketing's Personal Accident and Health (A&H) Insurance?

  • Supplemental insurance coverage that may help ease financial burden for individual consumers when covered losses occur.
  • Transforming the traditional “one size fits all” approach into a consumer-centric approach, developing products with greater relevance toward consumer needs.
  • Personal A&H Insurance Plans may complement an individual’s medical plan and/or employee benefits by filling in gaps that may exist. 
  • For costs and complete details of coverage, contact Kevin Coupe at

The AIG Advantage


  • Direct Marketing's Personal Accident & Health Insurance Plans helps families navigate the financial challenges that come with an unexpected covered event.
  • We can provide individual plans to consumers including those that are members, customers or participants of various organizations, including: financial institutions, associations, affinity groups, membership clubs and loyalty programs through sponsorships.


  • Dedicated customer service and claims staff experienced in handling both simple and complex claims. 
  • One company, one solution; end-to-end service from insurance purchase through claims administration will be provided. 

Non-Insurance Services

  • Personal Accident & Health Plans may include health and everyday services to help complement the insurance coverage. Because non-insurance services can be embedded with Personal Accident & Health Insurance Plans, customers have access to a more robust end-to-end Plan to help prepare them for unexpected covered events.

Why AIG?

Problem Solvers

Challenge: A partner wants to promote Personal A&H Insurance Plans to their members. 
Solution: The Personal A&H division offers a co-branded online enrollment platform for it’s partners.
Benefit: Every partner has different needs and offering different solutions to our partners can help strengthen relationships and help increase brand awareness for the partner and for AIG.

Creative Solutions

Challenge: As digital platforms become increasingly important in the world economy, the demand for custom, digital insurance solutions by customers has grown. 

Solution: The Personal A&H division launched an API Program designed for fast and affordable accident and health insurance with AIG products embedded in a partner's digital platform.

Benefit: The API Program gives us the ability to work with partners to craft insurance solutions that are compatible with their digital platforms to help meet consumer demand.

Claims Expertise

Rob is rushed to the hospital via ambulance due to stomach pain while playing basketball with his kids. Rob is diagnosed with appendicitis and requires surgery to remove his appendix. Rob’s medical insurance pays most of his surgery and treatment costs, but he still has to pay a high deductible and co-pay. Rob has supplemental Accident & Sickness insurance coverage through AIG that provides a benefit that he can use to help cover his out-of-pocket medical expenses.

National Leadership

Kevin Coupe

Head of Direct Marketing, US Accident & Health

Michael Vaccarro

Business Development Manager, US Accident and Health

Edward Levin

Global Head of Accident & Health

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