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Accounts Receivable Insurance

Ready to insure your company? We can help protect your largest assets.


For most companies, Accounts Receivable is the largest asset on the balance sheet. But few companies know that insurance can safeguard this crucial asset and prevent unpredictable losses.


Accounts Receivable Insurance protects a company when customers fail to pay what they owe. But this coverage does more than just maintain your balance sheet. Accounts Receivable coverage can strengthen your company by increasing your borrowing capacity and helping you expand sales and profitability.

Explore the Benefits

Protect and Boost your Company’s Earnings

Accounts Receivable Insurance can protect your company’s assets and accelerate your company’s growth.

View our Quick Guide to learn how our coverage can help your company expand credit, increase working capital, and improve sales and revenue.

Discover our Coverage

Why CFO’s Use Accounts Receivable Insurance

Learn how A/R Insurance is relevant to companies that seek new, more efficient and effective tools to manage risk, improve liquidity and support sales growth

Accounts Receivable Insurance: What You Need To Know

Learn how this means of reducing risk and increasing financing is gaining popularityacross the United States.

Learn how innovative CFOs are protecting company assets, accelerating growth, and increasing profitability.

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