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Small Regional and Municipal Airports Private Hangars

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Small Regional and Municipal Airports Private Hangars

Program Target Description: Property and Casualty lines of coverage for aviation related accounts 

Program Target:

  • Target Risks:  Accounts associated with the aviation industry located both on and off of airport premises 
  • Ineligible Risks:  Risk with primary function of painting, test cell, and interior upholstery operations. No aircraft hull and liability coverage is written through this program
  • Geographic:   Nationwide and Limited Global

Why work with our program administrator

  • Offer multiple risk transfer techniques designed specifically for the aviation industry
  • Competitive “package”  product offering
  • 20+ years experience of underwriting unique coverage options specific to the aviation Industry
  • Able to file all state and interstate financial responsibility requirements

Coverages & Limits Available:

  • Admitted or Non-Admitted:  Both
  • Property – up to $100m TIV limits per location
  • Automobile – Coverage up to $1M limit / pollution coverage available for fuel truck exposure 
  • Premises Liability - $1M per occurrence / $2M aggregate limits.  Can included medical, fire legal and employee benefits
  • Excess Coverage up to $10M limit

Submission Requirements:

  • Accord application or program administrator’s  application
  • Require three years favorable loss history
  • 3 years in operation or equivalent industry experience
  • Driver list required with all automobile submissions

Broker Requirements:

  • Must have executed broker agreement with  program administrator upon binding